Monday, May 2, 2011

Australian Chrysoprase

I just finished this pendant. I wanted to post it as my first project here because the wrap I used is one popularized by Eni Oken of Jewelry where I am a member of the community that she began. So, in honor to Eni, here is her netted wrap, which turned out to be the perfect complement to this gorgeous translucent Australian Chrysoprase. The netting is done in 24g copper wire and the frame is 14g. This was a monster to do! But, the work and patience paid off because this is just the right wrap to hold the stone securely and still allow the light to pass through. 

This is a huge stone as you can see in the pictures. The color is a bit more saturated in person. I acquired it many years ago on eBay. It was much larger then. The cut was so horrible that I sent it to a friend and had him recut it. Stones with this quality of color and translucency bring big bucks now a days. The natural matrix is left in the stone and seems to be floating islands in a sea of green chalcedony. I love the natural organic look. However, if I were a lapidary artist , I could probably cut some very choice ring cabs from this and sell then for a premium. Collectors, specifically the Japanese at one point, have been grabbing the good stuff up for years and now it is getting hard to find. This cab is by no means the most choice, but it could be if recut, which I would never do because I love it as is.

Here is a link directly to an Australian miner's site if you want to learn more about chrysoprase. It's a small site, but I like to give support, if only a link, to the great people who mine the rocks that I love.


  1. Really lovely stone :)! I love green color and that stone is a beauty!

  2. Thanks, yes, it is a beauty. I've had it a long time waiting for the right wrap. :)


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