Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Bent Objects" by Terry Border

A Pair of Lovers

Now for Something Totally Different

While doing some wire people this past weekend, I was reminded of an email my son sent me. He sent some pictures by a wickedly clever and funny wire artist named, Terry Border. He doesn't do jewelry, though. He designs humorous and ironic cartoons with ordinary wire and household objects. You might have noticed the new widget on my page, it is a link to Terry's "Bent Objects" blog. (Oops, looks my widget is broken, time to remove :( ) Enjoy the following examples of his work and click on over to his blog to view tons more. I emailed Terry for permission to use these photos and he was very happy to share with a fan. (Thank you, Terry!) Oh, and no Photoshop involved!

Little Polish Girl

Modest Pear
Paper Training Our Little Dog, Frank
(I couldn't find the title to this.)


  1. These photos are really hilarious :D! Thanks for sharing :)!

  2. You're welcome! I think he's funny and I LOVE what he does with a little bit of wire. :)

  3. Oh my goodness....way too funny!!!

  4. He's awesome, isn't he? I love him!

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  6. How about David and Goliath for the last one?

    1. That'll work.

      I just read Terry's recent blog post where he outs Takei for "borrowing" his work. I think I have sung that song a few times myself.


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