Friday, May 6, 2011

Got Tools?

This is the first of many future entries to address tools. After all, I make handmade jewelry with nothing but hand tools- They Are Important.

I have, let me count them....  at least 20 pairs of pliers that I regularly use. That doesn't include cutters or chain nose (I don't use chain nose). Recently I bought a pair of pliers that are my new favorite pair. Actually, to be precise, my husband bought me these last Christmas. :) Maybe some of you have already tried them. I only wish I had discovered them sooner because these pliers are, hands down, the BEST for turning under wires.

These 5" Micro Flat Nose are made by C. H. P. (model #PN-20-M). They are made in Italy and are of very high quality. I had my doubts when I saw them. How good could a cheap pair of pliers be, especially with a 1mm tip? That's right, A 1MM TIP.

When I got them in my hand, I was very impressed. They are solid. They are well constructed. They are comfortable. The spring back is very good. They close perfectly and the tip aligns perfectly when closed. I didn't even have to sand or file the tip. 

These pliers are not pointed. They have a square tip like any flat nose, but the tip is so small it might as well be a pointed tip- with one exception- these grab a wire firmly like no other pointed tip. When I grab a wire with these, I know I have a hold of that wire and that it is NOT going to slip just when I need it NOT to. When I need to pull a wire or a thread in a tight spot, these will do it. If I need to turn a wire under in a tight spot, they not only do it, but do it better than any pair I've had, at any price. I reach for these again and again.

When I got them, I was worried that I would ruin them real fast, but after 5 months of constant use, they are still in perfect shape. I was very gentle with them at first. I thought that if I used too much pressure, I would bend the tiny tips, but they haven't bent and I forget to be careful with them now.(Keep in mind, I use a lot of soft wire.)

The only thing with these, is they are meant to grab the ends or tips of wire. They WILL mark the wire because the tip is so small it doesn't distribute the pressure much. I don't worry about the ends being marked when I turn them under, so it isn't a problem for me and besides they aren't marked badly, just marked. The tip of the wire shouldn't show when you turn it under, anyway.

Mine were purchased on eBay from this seller. They are price under $20.00. I have some pliers, that I paid $65.00 for, that sit in a drawer. This was $20.00 well spent! I can't recommend them enough, especially if you like to work as tight as I do.  


  1. Ordered! ;-) Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link! I had heard about this Italian brand before, and need new pliers badly.

  2. Enjoy! The backs of my pieces improved immediately after using these.


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