Monday, May 16, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Pile #2

See that pile of wire? Double it and that's what I went through on my way to finishing a recent piece. Thank goodness for copper.

It started out as a pretty simple idea. The first round went easy enough. I took a couple pictures of it and thought, "I can do better than this." So, I carefully took it apart. That was in the evening. After many, many feet of wire, I still was unable to get the measurement just right. I took a deep breath and put it aside till the morning. I cleaned up and threw away crumpled wire pile #1.

Round 1

In the morning, I started fresh and optimistically. I was only a few mm off each time. "I can do this," I thought. So, I eagerly started again. Again my scrap pile grew. I got one side right and the other side wrong. I got THAT side right and then the opposite was wrong. I cussed, I admit it. I was even tempted to throw it, but it wasn't the stone's fault, after all.

I finally finished some prong clusters, as I am now calling them, that were close, very close. "Hmmm," I uttered out loud, "I wonder if this will work." So, with one wire ready to go, I started cutting and preparing the rest. Everything went smoothly. It went very smoothly, deceptively smooth. Could it be that these hours of frustration were over? HA! The wire Goddess had smiled on me. The Muse was pleased.

I finished it up and held it at arm's length to critically examine it. The clusters were still off. The spacing still wrong. BUT, I like it. It could be better, but I like it.

I dropped it in some warm liver of sulfur to watch the magic and plucked it out when the wire was as black as my frustration had been. After some steel wool and a polish cloth, I again held it back and this time examined it with satisfaction. The innocent, blue Apatite seemed to smile back at me in the snug, warm copper embrace of those hard won clusters as if to say, "This will do, Tela, this will do."


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