Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Work Area

This is it. My kitchen table.

I have a "shoebox" size plastic container to hang my pliers off of and to store my smaller less often used things in. I know this doesn't look like much. But, everything is in reach and is easily moved when we have company. This is my very cheap, lo tech arrangement.

You can see my ream of paper. I go through a lot. You can also see my little dish for odds and ends and stones that I am interested in setting at the moment.

My husband and I share our very large table for "hobby time". He builds spaceship models across from me. It's just he and I for the moment, although grand kids come for long visits. We still have dinner at the table because our things are easily moved around.

I used to have my work area in my own room, but I got lonely in there. I missed having someone to talk to and shoot ideas at. This arrangement works much better for me.

I have 2 six foot bookcases behind me that hold most of my supplies. You can't see that though because it is embarrassingly unorganized and messy. :) I won't even mention all the stuff that's in the photography room. We do spread out, don't we?

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