Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Patches" Pietersite

Here is a piece that I did a few months ago. I don't think I ever put this one on JL. It is made with a really nice piece of Pietersite. I have several others that have the wonderful, indigo blue color but they don't have as much chatoyancy. (see the next photos) I am always on the lookout for good Pietersite. Finding good Pietersite is getting increasingly difficult and more and more expensive.

Chatoyancy is what you commonly see in tiger eye. In fact, Pietersite is a kind of tiger eye, a type of quartz. It is found in China and in Africa. I think the Chinese Pietersite is preferred, though. It can be found with red, blue and gold fibers, which create the chatoyant effect. Blue tiger eye is most often heated gold tiger eye.

Africa is famous for what we commonly see as tiger eye.

In South America, there is a rare kind of tiger eye that is green and it's called Crocosite. (I believe. I am writing from memory.)

In Minnesota, USA, a very silky variety is found that is called Binghamite and also found as the similar, Silkstone. In California, USA is another silky form.

From Australia hail the most gorgeous Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron with it's red and black bands. From one area of Australia, near one mountain, Brockman, comes the most sought after Tiger Iron and Tiger Eye. And, this is where the true Marra Mamba tiger eye comes from. Sadly, it is mined out. These cabs are truly the flashiest, showiest best and are priced accordingly.

I could go on about this large group of rocks, but instead, I'll provide you with 2 links. (I'll try to stay away from Wiki links, anyone can Wiki or Google.) One is one of my favorite sites for traditional smithed jewelry and eye candy and the other is to a wonderful lapidary artist who knows his stuff.

Chinese blue Pietersite in silver
Another Chinese blue Pietersite, but in copper.
Natural Green Tiger Eye from South America.
African blue and gold Tiger Eye
Bright Australian scenic Tiger Eye in 14kgf
Chinese gold Pietersite in copper


  1. Oh, these stones are so beautiful :)!
    The green tiger eye is one of the most beautiful stone I have ever seen :).
    I have a lot of natural, raw stones from all over the world, for instance tiger eye and tiger iron from Australia :). But I don't have any tools to make something out of them nowadays.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your lack of tools, but I know you love your rocks. I know I do. Maybe you can use some tools from the hardware store and file off the teeth?

  3. I AGREE! I am so into color blue stones. and cant stop searching. I found this stone and fall on love with including blue sapphire, blue lapis stone and blue pietersite


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