Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peanut Obsidian

You know when you see a stone you just have to have? What do you do? I do a walk away test. Other wise, I would more broke than I am. I go away and if I still want it a day or 2 later, then it is MINE.

This stone only got a few hours test because I was afraid someone else would get it. LOL! I also spent waaaay more on it than I normally spend on a rock. I treated myself. 

This, my most recent obsession, is a Peanut Obsidian. Obsidian is a large group of natural glasses, including moldavite. This one comes from Mexico and is terribly hard to come by. It is big at 37 x 23 and 31 cts.

I tried doing some research on it and couldn't find much. I did find some sellers of the rough who say it is very difficult to cut. And, I found this edu site page about obsidians, in general, that mentions it.  I found that the orbs are actually radiating feldspar. One source says that it is labradorite, which is a feldspar. The orbs are chatoyant, though not much, so maybe that is correct. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, too.  :)


  1. Ah, yes, one of those must-haves... Beautiful stone. Reminds me a bit of ocean jasper.
    Are you already wrapping? ;-)

  2. Thanks, ladies! :)

    No, not wrapping, yet. Not sure what to do. It has to be FABULOUS to match the stone :)


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