Thursday, May 26, 2011


What do you think these pictures have in common? That's right, they are the same stone. At least, that's what one seller on eBay would have you believe. Ok, so, yes, they ARE the same stone. Upon CLOSE examination, I did find the similarities. But, they are few and far between.

This is my pet peeve.

I buy on eBay a lot. I tend to stay away from vendors from this seller's country because I have been burned too many times, but stupid me, I took the risk. I would have been happy to pay what I did for the stone pictured on the rug. I am NOT happy to pay what I did for the stone pictured with diffuse and room light. I am happy enough with the stone at a lower price, which it is worth. I paid 23.00. That's just not cool, in my book.

This Petersite is nice enough to use, but not what it was advertised to be. Granted, pietersite is hard to photgraph and this stone IS a LITTLE nicer in person. But, this is not the first time, in over a dozen years on eBay, that I have been ripped off by someone in that country. Yeah, he's getting a negative. I wish more people would be more honest in their feedback. Maybe then, I wouldn't have taken the risk.

I have bought and I have sold on eBay. The overwhelming numbers of good sellers are being done a disservice by bad sellers such as this. I won't name names but you can tell by the background who this seller is. I used his photo and he can complain if he wants to, but it would do him more harm than good because then he would be admitting to ripping someone off.

I'm not blasting a whole country. I HAVE had good experiences with ONE seller from there. And, I admit, the quality has improved over the years. I remember when no one would buy from a seller from there. The shipping was outrageous and the feedback was terrible. They, in general terms, have improved a lot. Hats off to the honest sellers, really. But, shame on those who continue with bad selling practices.

I'm really quite mad about this. Sorry for the rant. I try to stay positive. I know not eveyone has shared this experience, but those that have know what it is like to anticipate getting that parcel only to be completely underwhelmed. (That was the nice way to put it.)

On the positive side, I have been happy with 99.9% of my eBay purchases, which have been considerable. Ya win some, ya lose some. 


  1. Too bad! I suppose you have complained and asked for a discount? If not, it's worth a try. I've been successful with it in many cases. And in some not!

  2. I am waiting to hear back from him. I'm not holding my breath, though. I would be happy to have some of my money refunded.

  3. Hi Tela,
    What a shame that some are ruining the reputation of a whole country. I'm sure I can guess which one. I've been bitten a few times too. Mostly, when ordering sterling and receiving something different. But I've had problems with sellers who don't know what they are selling too, particularly with rock and that's not just from the subject country either.
    It's still a pretty rock and I know you'll do it justice. I just looked again at your prior article and I do love how you wrap!!
    Hope you get a refund!

  4. Thanks, Lois! I'm happy to report that I got half my money back. Well, he promised it, I haven't actually gotten it, yet. That is fair enough. :)


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