Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Tip for Tilting

Have you ever had the wires on the back of your piece make your piece lean to one side? Not pretty. Well, I have, but I have a fix for it.

I just had that problem and thought I would document it and share it with you.

You can make out the leaning in the first three pictures.
It is leaning to the left.
This side is much higher than the other side, pictured below.

In picture four, you see the bail wires cross over the lower wire, creating more height on that side.

Bail wire ends are higher than the single wire end.

However, I just wrapped a piece of scrap wire on the other side to balance it out. That wasn't quite enough height, so I put a crimp cover over the wire. (My crimp cover was already LOS'ed.) That should even it out and it did. It also looks neat.

A neatly wrapped 20g wire.

Crimp cover over the wire.

Not leaning anymore, not that you can tell from the picture too easily.

Being a fickle woman, I took this apart after I took the pictures because I didn't like it. Below is the finished piece. I like the store bought bail with it better.
I hope you find this tip useful. I use it quite often because leaning pendants are just not cool. :)

In response to a question by Auf Draht, I am posting another picture with the back of the finished piece pictured below. The back is neater, but that's not why I changed it. (I pride myself on having neat backs, though and thought that the leaning one looked a little messy.) This is a Brecciated Mookaite Jasper from Australia. Brecciated meaning that when the rock was forming, it broke apart and then reformed with the broken parts fused together. (Simple version) :)


For Auf Draht, the back of the new piece. Very tight and secure.


  1. I love the wrap and stone. What is it? Picasso Jasper?

    Very interesting to see the back - it looks pretty steampunk-ish to me. Do you think you could also show the reverse side of the redone wrap, and how it is different?

  2. Thank you, Tela, for showing the redone back, and for letting us have a glimpse into the experts mind and its workings ;-)
    And while the second one is better because it just has the minimum of wire, I think I like the first back better - it has something "industrial" about it.

    I like mookaite a lot, but I think I have never before seen it really brecciated.

  3. It does have an industrial look! That's kinda funny, I never looked it at it like that. :)

    What attracted me to this stone was the yellow that you only get with Mookaite, but also the shape. I love unusual shapes!


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