Friday, May 13, 2011

You'll Put Someone's Eye Out, Kid!

Have you recently cut a wire, heard a yell and then quietly recited a quick prayer that no one lost an eye? If so, then you need this tip!

There are fancy pliers that claim to take the worry out of your cut ends flying, but really you only need a finger. Any free finger will do.

As you are holding your wire and getting ready to cut, take a moment to reach around with any free finger from your plier hand and place your finger tip on the end of the wire. This will keep everyone safe and your rug free of burrs.

If the end is very tiny, trap it with your finger inside the little hollow side of the cutters where they close. (Assuming you are cutting with the flush side to the work.) Put your finger over the back side of the plier head to catch the wire. Then, just shake the pliers over your scrap pile, which should be larger now that the pieces aren't flying all over the house. :)

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