Thursday, June 9, 2011

The new tute is now LIVE at JewelryLessons!

After so much work, I am pleased to report that the tute that took 2 1/2 days to finish, is now available. Shhhheeewww! (wiping forehead)

The tutorial, named Arched Pendant, can be found here at JL.

This is the piece that the tute is actually written about.
The following pictures are pieces done in the same design.

The next few pieces are pieces that are done using a technique taught in this tutorial. I can't show these pieces at JL with the tutorial because it is thought that it might be misleading, which I agree with, but this is my blog and I am telling you that the tute DOES NOT teach these designs, but uses the same main technique taught in the tute. (How was that for a run on sentence, LOL??!!)

Old stock Parrot Wing Chrysocolla

Gem Silica, Malachite, Sagenite
Now, I am off to take a shopping break with my daughter for birthday presents. :)


  1. Tela, Yippee! Congratulations on getting the tutorial out. Happily, JL sent me an email as it was one I requested. It is a design that is unique and lets the stone shine. Now I need to purchase some stones of that shape as I realize most of mine are round or oval. Well Done

  2. If you eBay, you can find reasonably priced cabs with this shape with the seller waly-beads. Thanks for your support, Christine :)

  3. Your work constantly amazes me. You create new options for bails which drive me crazy in my own wrapping. As much as I love wrapping and I'm not too bad I've always struggled with bails. You make them look so beautiful and unique. Can you tell I'm a fan? lol

  4. Hi Lois! Thank you for being a fan! I'm a fan of yours, as well. : )

    Yes, bails..... I call them bane! I struggle with bails on EVERY piece. There's only so many you can do it. But, I am always trying for new ways to do them.


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