Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paper Necklaces

A few posts back, I hinted at an eco friendly necklace- one that is inexpensive, durable, shiny, colorful, versatile and beautiful. Well, here it is:  Paper necklaces.

Metallic Pink Cord
Stone, glass and metal beads
Sterling Silver findings

The pink one pictured above was just made a few days ago. The following were made about 4 years ago and are still holding up after being worn many times.

Artistic Wire and Glass bead with pale pink to green color shift cord
Art Glass beads with color shift metallic bronze to gold cord
More bronze to gold cord and a large smoky quartz
Lime metallic cord with jasper and glass beads
Tomorrow I will discuss these in more detail.


  1. Tela, It is amazing these necklaces are paper??
    What an eco-friendly design. It is exciting to know they hold up after a lot of wear. I will tune in tomorrow for the update!

  2. Hi Christine, Blogger seems to behind sending out notice of updates. I actually just posted part 2 with lots more information. I hope you like it.


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