Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In the Winter, I never really get cabin fever. I can sit for hours to think about and make jewelry.

When Summer hits, I find it very hard to stay focused on jewelry. I have been having a very, very hard time making myself sit and make something. First, I hurt my hands, then I began to get fishing fever. But, even worse, I have camping fever. I have sat down to make something so many times and wasn't able. Until, that is, I made reservations for our favorite spot in the mountains. After I made the reservations, I felt wonderful and ready to jewel!!!

It wasn't like loosing the muse. I just didn't feel like making anything. It is very strange for me because I usually make something -anything- at least once a day. I almost felt like packing my things away. I just lost all interest. But, now with the promise of almost a week in the mountains, I already feel rejuvenated. It can rain all week and I won't care!!

Camping is a family tradition for me. I've camped all my life and in more states than I can remember. Something about it really works to refresh me. I love to get out in nature and enjoy all the sights and sounds. I'll be camping next to a cold mountain stream and I can't wait to be lulled asleep by it. I'll do a little hiking. I'll do a lot of relaxing with my husband. We'll bring scrabble and a hammock. I'll bring a notebook and sketch ideas. I've already started packing. :)

We leave next week. After that, we will do some more camping closer to where we live. I love Summer!

Here's a few pieces I made just after making the reservations. 

Leopardskin Jasper from Peru
Sonoran Sunrise with chrysocolla and cuprite. I was going for a tribal look and envision a warrior with shield and spear. This is a big, beautiful stone with an outstanding polish and cut.


  1. Hey Tela, Happy to see you back, I hoped you were ok. Sometimes, stepping away does rejuvenate us. Sounds like making your camping plans is just what you needed. Love the 2 very diverse pieces. Each wrap compliments the individual stone. I think that is one of your strong talents..listening to the stone.

    Enjoy the camping!

  2. Oh Tela!! The way you treated that Sonoran Sunrise with the eclectic sideways weaving, is just the sort of surprise that keeps me coming back to see your work again and again.

    Your bail works perfectly with it!

  3. Hi Christine! I'm back and feeling rejuvenated! Thank you for all of your comments. You are a dear and I really look forward to hearing from you. :)

  4. Thank you, Mary! It is so good to know that you enjoy my work. I love to check out your new things, too. :)


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