Wednesday, June 8, 2011

YAY! It's done!

It has taken two days to finish, but I am 99.9% finished with my new tutorial. This one isn't for the blog, it will be for sale at JL. I do have some ideas for another mini tute on the blog, though. :)

Writing a tutorial is a lot of work. If you have never done it, you may not be aware of how much time it takes to do a decent job. If you enjoy working from tutes, this may add some appreciation for your favorite artist/teacher, who ever she/he may be.

I spent the first day working out a few practice pieces and then very slowly working the final piece. I took pictures of every thing I did. I had to check the pictures on the computer each time I made a move to ensure a good shot before proceeding to the next step. I made mental and written notes about different aspects of the piece that I wanted to remember to include in the written section. Taking the pictures is probably the most time consuming part, but only by a hair.

After the piece is finished, it has to be completed like any other piece. It has to be tumbled, washed, LOS'ed, polished, finished with a necklace and photographed again.

While the piece is in the tumbler, I begin my editing. Every picture, and there could be 100 and more, has to be carefully cropped, color and light corrected, copywritten and saved for web. Very, very time consuming. 

By the second day, I am finishing up the necklace and those photos and finishing up the editing. I begin the writing and wrestling with the formatting. The writing is where I get into the details of describing the moves. It can be hard to find the best way to describe something and to have it make the most sense. My language has to be clear and concise.

Each of about 60 moves in this tute is accompanied by a photo and description of the move. Tips are woven in along the way and some optional suggestions are offered. Finally, some pictures of the finished piece are included along with other examples of the same design.

This is the third day. It is morning. After working on the tute for 2 full days, I had to spend the night and morning not thinking about it or looking at it, so I can give it a fresh read for the semi final proofread. After that, I'll have a few other people read it. When I am satisfied with it- sometime early evening, hopefully- I will get it ready to submit.

I hope I didn't bore you with my short description of the long task of writing a tutorial. That was just a thumbnail sketch. I didn't mention the hair pulling parts. :)

Tomorrow, I'll upload some pictures of the design.


  1. Hey Tela, Have had problems with Blogger not recognizing me but think it is now working. Congratulations on finishing your tutorial! I am so excited to see your new design. What a huge undertaking it is to create a tutorial. I enjoy being one of the lucky ones to benefit!
    Do hope you have some hair left

  2. Hi Christine :) I've had problems with blogger a few times myself.

    Yup, it's live now at JL. I know it takes me a long time to do these and that is AFTER I learned how to do it and streamlined it. This one didn't take as long as a few others did. And, I am quicker than some people, I'm sure. They really do involve a lot of work. And, yes, I still have some hair left, LOL!


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