Monday, July 11, 2011


A fine wine cleanses the palette. Getting back to nature cleanses my creative palette.

I had a week in the mountains in the George Washington-Jefferson National Forest in Southwest Virginia. Being in the quiet green replenishes my soul and clears my mind. The gurgling stream provides the background music for my creative contemplation. The rhododendrons blooming all around me, remind me of the beauty in nature. The owls at night and songbirds in the morning speak to the essential human that I am. I am reminded that we are all connected and part of one big plan. I am reminded of how small I am and that I am blessed by nature for what small talents I have. I am reminded that that is why I do what I do. I make jewelry because it is my part to play in this life. I have no grand plans, I have no agenda or schemes. I just love to create. I love the rocks that I work with and try always to show them to their best advantage. I try always to take a back seat to what nature has wrought. Perfection is not mine. Perfection is what I found in the mountains. Perfection is bigger than my "self". I just try to enhance what nature has given.

When I left sea level, I left an unfinished piece on the table. I was stuck for its ending. It needed "something". When I returned, I immediately saw what I needed to do. It is in the tumbler now and I am satisfied. Tomorrow I will post it.

Looking around me at my tools, I have a renewed interest in creating. I understand that is all I need to do. I do it for myself. It is therapy and it satisfies my need to create. I won't allow myself to get bogged down in wondering what to do next or what to do with all that I have accumulated because I know now that that is not what is important for me. Others may be driven by other things. But me, I am satisfied just to be the creative person that nature intended.

Home away from home
Our "backyard"
A view in the park
wild Rhododendron 

Because someone asked, I am posting a few more pix of just how big my tent is. I can fit my 32" table, 2 comfy chairs and my queen bed in it comfortably. It is abt 15x7 ft. I don't have any pictures with it all set up, though.  You can make out the table and chairs in the last picture next to the picnic table. The table is blue. The white box in the second picture is almost 3 ft long. It's the box for the table. The bed takes up a little less than a third of the tent. This was one of the biggest tents I could find. Don't let the pix fool you, it's huge. Sometimes we have a problem with sites not being big enough for it.


  1. Hey Tela, Sounds like you had a grand time connecting with the wonders of nature. It does replenish the soul! SW Virginia is a beautiful area. So happy to hear you enjoyed our state! Your time away brought renewal to your creative juices. Looking forward to seeing your latest!

  2. Oh Christine! It was sooooo beautiful! The woods were full of wild rhododendron and when it began to get dark they seemed to glow. It was awesome. The little stream was heavenly and had some pretty big trout, too, but I didn't bring a pole. (Hubby doesn't fish and it was his vacation, too, so I left it home.)Everything about it, including the drive up and back was beautiful. I agree, SW Virginia is very nice.

  3. I've just read over at JL that your tent is big enough to allow not only a queen sized bed, but also a table and 2 comfortable chairs, and I assume you and your hubby as well. I just had to come over and check the picture of the tent. Really, it doesn't look that big! How does it work, to cram all into it, and still be able to move? Is it a loooong tent? Another piccie from the side, please? (And no, I don't have any other worries... ;-P)

  4. Yup, the tent comfortably fits my 32" square camp table, 2 big camp chairs, queen bed and gear. It is abt 15ft long and 7 ft wide. It has curtain walls to separate into 3 rooms, but we just use the one big room. It's even easy to set up. I got it when we used to take the kids camping, but it is just us now. I love my tent. It is totally dry, too. I'll add a few more pics.

  5. Thank you for the additional pics, Tela. Still, I have a hard time to wrap my mind around the proportions. However, if you say it's huge, I'll just take your word for it!
    My tent is about the opposite: very small, very light (and not too tight), and no inflatable mattress, just a very thin camping mat. But then I had to carry it with the bicycle, and every ounce counted. I took a trip through Switzerland and Southern France, and I had everything from a pool INSIDE the tent on the first night to an extremely bumpy concrete-dried clay underground in Avignon.
    After that trip I decided I was too old for this kind of adventure. ;-)


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