Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Words

There is a thread started by sbarzacchini aka Susan over at JL about creator's block where the suggestion was made by Glenda to pick a word from a book and design around that. You can follow the thread here, if you are a member of JL. I thought it was a great idea and decided to play along. :)

I picked up my dictionary, let it fall open, closed my eyes and pointed at a word. The word does not conjure up images of jewelery. My husband suggested I pick another, but, no- to be fair, I stuck with it.

My word:  moderate (adj \ˈmä-d(ə-)rət\) Not moderate (verb \ˈmä-də-ˌrāt\)

The very first visual that popped into my head was that of a bell curve. According to Merriam-Webster, I wasn't too far off track. To me, the bell curve beautifully represents moderate, with moderate being in the upper part of the bell. So, I started working on ideas for a bell curve.

I had an idea to do a pendant that looked like and was similar to a toggle clasp. I got some wire and stuff and started laying them out. I was arranging a ring with a bell curve of wire when I noticed an interesting arrangement with the bell curve on the bottom. I decided to stick with that and flesh it out.

What you see pictured, happened really fast. Between the time I picked the word to finishing the piece, only about an hour passed. I was deliberately working fast because I wanted to go with that flow. I have been working hard at trying to be more freestyle and just going with things rather working things out. Most of my designs take a long time just to work out in my head. This was an exercise in letting the subconscious reign.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this and I am going to use the word picking idea again. It was a great exercise and lots of fun! Thanks Susan and Glenda :)

After I was finished with the pendant, I decided this needed some earrings.

The rings are a full hard, heavy gauge of some unknown coppertone metal from the craft store. I love these rings, they sparkle and have lots of texture. The wire I used was 20 and 24g copper. The beads are faceted goldstone. These kinda look Egyptian to me.

Check it out- Renate has posted one at her blog, too. Great job, Renate!

More edit:
All the pieces have now been posted at JL. Have a look, they are all fantastic, beautiful and VERY interesting!
Here is Susan's piece. Her word was sooooo perfect and her piece is beautiful!
Here is Glenda's piece She had a tough word, but came up with a perfect, pretty piece for it!
Here is Christine's piece Her word drove her to break rules and come up with a beauty!
Here is Renate's piece on JL I think she had the toughest word, but pulled off a real winner with an interesting twist!


  1. Wow! So unexpected! Did I mention, that I love the surprises of creative minds?! Love it ;-)

    Off to take pictures of my own random word.

  2. Can't wait to see what you came up with!!

  3. These are STUNNING!!!! WOW, They are really pleasantly unexpected! YOU ROCK!

    I was just on JL and noticed the thread Susan started. I got really excited...It does have the feel and excitement of the old JL. I went to the Gallery to see what had been posted....nothing. That was disappointing ...sooo I thought I'd check here. I'm sure glad I did.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire.
    And for being a comforting and level headed force.

  4. Hi Christine! Thank you, thank you! It is a bit different for me, isn't it? :) I hope you will join in, too. It's really fun to see what your mind will conjure.

    I am posting this at JL later, but I thought we were supposed to do it later in the day so I'm waiting.

    Renate did one, too, at her blog

  5. Fabulous word association and artisan piece.
    -Eva Maria

  6. They are all up now. What a wonderful way to get out of a "slump." They are all very beautiful!!!!

  7. Michelle! I'm so sorry I called you Christine, I had just finished responding to her on JL! My face is red! DOH!

    I'm going to link to each of the projects. This was a really awesome exercise! It surprised me so much that I want to do another just to see what happens.

  8. Hi Eva Marie, thank you for commenting :) Everyone did a fabulous job! :)


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