Friday, August 19, 2011


I won an item on eBay a few months ago and got more than I bid for. The seller was kind enough to send along these unusual little azurite blueberries.

These stone berries sat on my table and tried to become earrings so many times. Each time they came close, I cut them up. I was trying desperately to reinvent the wheel, when all these beauties really called for was a very simple wrap.

I have never seen any of these before. I went online and tried to find some good info and believe it or not, the best info came from a photographer at Deviantart.

My blueberries are a good match and are about 13mm round, though they come larger and smaller. The texture is what really sells me about these. They are like little blue, stucco balls. Anyway, I just thought I would share these because they are so unusual. If you can find some, they usually don't cost much.


  1. Tela, you created the perfect wrap for these little beauties. Amazing how much we can struggle with a piece. Love this "simple" warp. When I saw the title, I was expecting blueberries to be your latest word!!

  2. Thanks, Christine :)I lost count of how many times I tried to do this. It was during my slump and I just kept beating myself up over it. I finally had to put them aside until I was less frustrated. Then, it came to me that I was just trying too damn hard.

  3. I agree, the simplicity works so well here. Is that a patterned wire you used?

  4. Thanks, Mary :)

    Yes, it is pattern wire I got from Rio. I did a review for it. I only got the one kind. I'd like to try the rest at some point.

  5. Blueberries, yummieh! ;-)

    They are GORGEOUS, Tela! Colours, structure, design are soooo beautiful. I'm not too fond of spirals because they are often used just because the wire has to end somehow, but here they have a purpose as a kind of spacer. Perfect proportions, too.

  6. Thanks, Renate! If we didn't have an ocean between us, you could borrow them anytime. :)


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