Monday, August 22, 2011

Busted Out the Silver

I've been collecting gems of all kinds for longer than I care to admit (to my husband). I love opals of all kinds. Many years back, I bought an opal lot that contained numerous beauties. Some of them were tiny, but so incredibly bright that I couldn't part with them even though I had not idea how to set them. I mean, I have done tiny border wraps. That gets old.

I pulled some of those tiny ones out this morning and started planning different ways to wrap them. I did one in copper that looked so nice that I decided to bust out the silver and do another. I picked a stunning, Australian, crystal opal from Lightning Ridge with blinding color in any light, at any angle and proceeded to wrap. Although the wrap looks hard to do, it works up pretty quick with the help of some improvised tools.

When you view the pictures, keep in mind that these are extreme close ups in light that is typically less favorable to opals. The glass opalite rondelle bead in one of the pictures is 8mm. In person, you really can't even see the individual wires or wrapping just a little sparkle coming from all the highlights of the wire. You just get a sense of textured silver. I wish you could see this in person. The bright opal and glimmering silver are perfect together. The wrap holds securely, while protecting the stone.

Now, I finally have a way of setting some of those tiny opals. I'll be playing with this wrap some more tomorrow because I think it is going to work well for faceted gems, too. Oh, and I have some bigger opals to wrap, too. :) Did I mention, I love opals?


  1. Simply stunning stone. Ancients believed all the gems in the world were inside the opal. I like that idea. Good opal is incomparable. Beautiful work as always.

  2. Oohh Tela, this piece is stunning! This opal called for the silver and they look great together. Iam sure even better in person. Gorgeous wrap. I do lust after your stone collection!

  3. Hi Lois! Thank you for that! I've never heard that before about opals, but it sure makes sense to me :)

  4. Thanks Christine :) Yes, this one is a stunner. It is just so incredibly bright. I lust for all stones, even my own. LOL!


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