Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The random word for inspiration was so much fun, I thought I would do it again. This time, I picked the word macle. Never heard of it? Me either. I learned something new today. Funny that this word is actually jewelry related- sort of.

My word:  macle (ma·cle noun \ˈma-kəl\). After reading the definition, I wasn't sure how to visualize it, so I did a Google image search. So, I know that it relates to natural crystals, or more specifically- twinned crystals. But, the word has roots in French and German, too- meaning a kind of net or mesh.

I have never been fond of crystals. (I'm addicted to cabs.) But, in the spirit of the game and in my new quest for trying new things, I decided to wrap a crystal, something I have never done. The only problem was, I wanted to work fast and didn't have a crystal unless I stole the one and only one I had, back away from my grandson. Um, no. He'd freak out!

I was almost ready to think up something else when I remembered a box of rough that I had stashed and hadn't looked at for years. I dug it out from under the bed and blew off the dust. Somewhere in there I HAD to have a crystal! Under the carefully wrapped chunk of ammolite and between 2 sliced geodes was a large, quartz crystal. Not the best example, but a crystal nonetheless. I don't even remember where I got it or when, but by golly- it was wrapping time!

So, I got my crystal, but what to do next? Duh! I had do net it! And, that's just what I did. Now, it really relates to the word. Because of the old roots of the word, I wanted something that had an old feel to it. The crystal itself was rough and had that unpolished look, so I just had to be careful not to gussy it up too much. The only embellishment are some opalescent delicas of creamy off white. They don't show well in the pictures, but add just a little sparkle and interest. The back and front are the same.

My first wrapped crystal:


  1. Weeellll.... my first thought was: this is a sock! Sorry, LOL! A sock for a crystal! Actually it does make a lot of sense, indeed it leads back to the origins of the word. In German each knitted loop or stitch is a "Masche", and in Italian it is, I think, "maglia". So you achieved what you set out to. Check!!
    So you worked quickly? Beautiful wirework nevertheless.

    And WHAT is that material it hangs from? ...a plasic hose?

  2. A sock??? Well, OK, I guess it does look like a sock. It's my first one...

    The material is clear, frosted tubing. If it were a hose, you could think pantyhose which is, again, a mesh or a net! LOL!

  3. Tela,This is great! I would not have thought sock upon looking at it. You were true to the spirit of the word. The netting is well done and the top looks like twining. This really is a fun exercise and you have inspired me to give it a go again!

  4. Hi Christine :) Thanks so much! I was kinda nervous about this, having never done one before.

    I hope you do another word piece. I may have another go at it today. I had a museum date with my daughter, but she bailed :(

  5. Superb design, and informative!
    -Eva Maria

  6. Oh la la! it's a fishnet stocking for a crystal!
    I love the fustion of the netting and weaving on this. I think you rose to the challenge well :)

  7. Hi Vera and thank you! You made me laugh... oh la la! My daughter has a leg lamp with black, fishnet stockings and that's all I ever think when I see it. I actually hate that lamp, but it has grown on me in some strange way. LOL!


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