Thursday, August 4, 2011

Talisman Two

I spent two days on this, so indulge me while I talk about it. I am still elated and fresh from the experience.

First off, there is a big boo boo on this. Can you see it? I'll post what it is at the end of this.

After the first piece, I had a good idea how I wanted to construct this. However, at the end of day one, I realized that I didn't have enough wire to finish it. I really thought I would have to trash it. But, by morning, I had an idea about what to do and it worked. Saved! Hallelujah!

This has more parts to it than I originally planned. As I worked, I found room to add the peridot and amethyst, but I left off the lime green mother of pearl.  Putting all the elements together is the funnest part of doing these things.

About the elements:
The main piece is a really nice piece of glowing, Globe Mine, gem silica with a little druzy. I wanted to compliment this color and not use too much more of it so as not to detract from it. What the camera doesn't pick up is the glow. This turned out to be pretty fragile to work with and I chipped it a little on the back. :(

Next is a real sparkly piece of natural, rainbow hematite druzy. This stuff is incredibly delicate, but oh so beautiful. I couldn't capture the very bright and colorful flashiness of it. I have worked with it before as it is one of my favorite stones. It is thee most difficult stone to work with. It's pretty rare and expensive which makes me even more paranoid while working it.  Because this little stone is in here, I had to work real slow and careful and couldn't tumble the piece.

The big rectangle on the left is a super neon, golden lime green Spectrolite. This is another of my favorite stones. Most people love the blues, but I have always favored the bright greens. It is not as directional as most and really flashes.

On the top is a nice patterned piece of tumbled pau shell. It is gorgeous and another flashy piece. At one angle, it shows a lot of the same colors as the hematite. At other angles it shows the colors of the spectrolite and gem silica.

I added a large peridot and a faceted African amethyst bead to pull it all together. You also might see the tiny delicas that fill a small gap. They are AB and flash between the color of the hematite and the color of the gem silica. It doesn't seem like it, but they really added something to this after I got them on.

I'm really happy with the "livliness" of the elements together.  With every move, something is going on to catch attention. This is really quite stunning in person, if I don't say so myself. :)

This was a real challenge. I was terrified the whole time that I would mess up the gem silica and hematite. They are perfectly fine to wear, they just needed to be handled with care in the setting. This is quite flat and sturdy. I wondered about that as I worked it, but it really is strong with all the pieces secure.

Enough talk- here it is:

It isn't too big or too small. Pay no attention to my nails, I didn't wash my hands after finishing this. I was too excited to get pictures done. :)

The colors in this are waaaay nicer in person. The gem silica is especially nicer.

So, did you find the mistake? My greatest fear is always in messing up at the end. That's what I did. The very last turn of the wire was wrong. I made the bail and turned the wire under at the back, but it was supposed to be to the front. Therefore, you can see the wire turned under on the front bottom of the bail. I couldn't fix it after I saw it. ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!


  1. Tela, This is one gorgeous piece! The colors flow so well together and I would imagine it is stunning in person! Your wraps and weaves compliment but don't detract from the stones. This piece looks like it came from the heart which makes it a true Talisman. Your first one was good but this one feels full of energy and life. Well done! I do wish I had at least a part of your stone collection!

  2. Thank you, Christine, especially for mentioning the colors. :)

    I have forced myself not to buy any new stones until I use up some of my stash. It is VERY hard to stay away from them! LOL!


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