Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I saw a couple nice freestyle talismans on JL and thought I would try one.

You can definitely tell it's my work. I had in my mind the work of Nicholas Kreager of Aether Circuits and Remy Heath of Studio Heath to name a few. This, my first attempt is totally lacking in talismaness. To me, my piece is a perfect fusion of straight forward Tela and the feeling behind the really great talismans.

You can tell I don't much care to coil and weave. I sat down with every intention of doing it. I AM CAPABLE of doing it! LOL! I just don't have the patience for it. I love how this came together, though. Picking the stones and figuring out how to piece them together was fun. All told, I really enjoyed this. I just wish I had the patience to do it right.

After I did this, I went to Studio Heath and saw there were tutes available, so I got one. WOW! Was I waaaay off. My construction is completely different than that of Heath. After reviewing the tute, I have decided that the style doesn't suit me. Far too much weaving. :) I think I prefer my simpler version. It is a good tute, though, if you are interested.

This is a pretty small piece, as these go. It is made with Kingman turquoise, aura quartz, stichtite, blue topaz and pearls.  It's really late, but I wanted to get this posted before errands tomorrow. I'll post pictures of the piece after oxidizing, which I intend to do.

Here it is after LOS.     


  1. I'm always impressed when someone attempts this style. Good for you!! There is a place for the cleaner look.

  2. WOW! What a surprise! Where does this come from?! Looks like you've overcome the dry spell, LOL! Not sure yet that I really like this style, but definitely I'm fascinated by it, ever since I saw it on
    I didn't know there were tutorials of it around, so thank you for the links, Tela, I think you have opened up a new box of toys for me. Or maybe I should NOT thank you, I have toys more than enough, and don't know where to begin or continue. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Mary :) This style looks like a puzzle to me and I was curious as to how it is done. I did it my way and then found out the right way. It was a nice challenge. :)

  4. I, too, am fascinated by it. Of course, I didn't do the original style justice- too much of me in it. THANK YOU for the link, I was trying to remember it, but couldn't. It's a great site, lots of interesting wraps. :)

    Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm over my hump. Today, all I want to do is sit and wrap. YAY!

  5. I'm sure if you continue to merge Trademark Tela with the Talisman-ness you would come up with a style of your own. I'm already looking forward to it. ;-)

  6. I like it! I also think you should be proud to know you are recognizable in this piece. Most people who want to make jewelry do just that.They follow a pattern learn another persons style and never develop one of their own. An artist looks at something and thinks, that's beautiful but I wonder... then they end up with a fresh new work.
    Your an artist:)Kudos!

  7. Hey Tela, This piece has interest, beauty, different techniques and Telaness! All combine for a very cool piece! The stones all compliment in color and shape. It is great to find a design and make it your own with the techniques you like.
    Thanks for sharing the links....hmmm... debating if this is something I want to try. Maybe they are more fun to look at!!

  8. Hiya Tela,
    I so much prefer your attempt to most that I've seen. I'll have to go look at the tut but I really prefer showing the beauty of stones and having the wire accent the piece which you have achieved. Most of these wire pieces are so heavy in coiled and woven wire that the beauty of the stones is lost. Makes me want to try for something in my style merged with the talisman idea.

  9. Nancy, thank you very much!!! That was just what I needed to hear. I admit, I was a little bummed when my hands refused to do what my brain told them. I had every intention of making a more traditional talisman- just didn't happen that way.

  10. Christine, thank you, my dear. You should try this! I didn't know what I was doing really. I just put some nice stones on the table and tried to make them stick together. LOL! Turns out, this is made totally different from the real talismans. Just try it anyway you like :)

  11. Lois, thanks! I think we have the same mind about this style. I am always loath to cover too much stone. I admire the big, heavily wired ones, but my style and tastes dictate this simpler version.

  12. I hope you give it a try. :)Looking forward to seeing what y'all come with it.


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