Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thunderstorms and Bails

 I couldn't stay away from cabs for too long! I just picked up a few nice ones and was eager to wrap one up.

I was working on doing some weaving and wondered if I could do this or not. After a test piece, I figured it was a go. :) I combined a few things together with this. I haven't seen this wrap before, but if you have- let me know.

I used a nice piece of sugilite and copper wire. When I was done, I wished I had used silver. I don't know, I just think silver with a nice patina would look better with the sugilite.

This took quite a while to do. I was finished up to the point of the bail when a hellacious thunderstorm blew through and we lost power. It was ok though because I needed to take a break before deciding what to do for a bail. By the time we got power back, I knew what I wanted to do. I had a lot of wires to work with!

Am I the only one that stresses over bails? It's the last thing to do and usually the hardest- mostly because I'm always afraid that that's where I'll end up messing up. This bail could have been neater, but I'm happy enough with it. I don't typically do woven bails because I opt for a more simple approach- one that is less conspicuous, but this really called for a woven bail, I think. 


  1. This is STUNNING (even in copper!!) You are certainly a MASTER!!!! I think you made a really good choice on the bail. The bezel is substantial looking, and needed a bail to support that.
    My problem is ALWAYS the bail. That's where I run into trouble. I often take apart a perfectly good wrap...except for the bail. I'm still working on it. Fingers crossed.....(maybe THAT'S my problem!! LOL!)

    Your work is always inspiring!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you, Michelle!!! I'm glad you like the bail. Yes, bails are the WORSE! Sometimes I think my problem is just that I stress so much over them, worrying about making a mistake at the end. Maybe I jinx myself! LOL!

  3. This is utterly and completely beautiful. The wire pattern, in particular from the side, is so very interesting.
    I see your point, with silver the contrast might have been stronger, but the combination of copper and purple is a very special one, and I love it. And I'm sure you have more sugilite or other purple stones. ;-)

    With the strong bail it could also be a pendant for a man.

  4. Thank you, Renate! This pendant is on the small side, but I can see it for a man on a larger, heavier piece. I do like the copper. I just wonder what it would look like in silver. I'm so tempted, but this took a lot of wire.

  5. Tela, I think this looks beautiful. The woven bail works well with the woven frame. I too woryy about bails as they are the last step and am concerned I will ruin a whole piece. The copper does look good with the sugilite but understand the yearning for silver!

  6. Hi Christine :) Thank you! Yes, I've had a hankering for silver lately. Don't know why. But, it seems everything I do, I want to see in silver. Truthfully, gold fill is what I always USED to use. I just love working with it. Can't afford it now! :(

  7. Hi Jaana! Thank you! I'm glad you like this :)

  8. That is one very pretty piece. Don't regret the choice of copper, it is a lovely combo

  9. Thanks! I'm glad you like the copper :) :)


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