Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bad Cat

I didn't get much in the way of jewelry done yesterday. But, I do have a jewelry related story to tell. If you are easily grossed out or squeamish, just skip this.

Cat, my cat, was homeless for most of his years. But, at some point someone had him neutered, so we feel ok that he goes outside to relieve himself. He never strays far. He also refuses to use his new expensive catbox, so we don't have much choice but to make him go out. Well, when we were gone on our recent 3 day trip, my brother was here to let him out to do his business. Sometime between visits, though, Cat had to go. Apparently, my new larger wire tool bin makes a much nicer cat box than his own, because when we got home, I found my tools, papers and Sunshine cloths laying in a smelly, wet puddle!!!! That was fun to clean. (NOT!)

On the up side, he was really happy to see us, so I know he isn't around just for the food. :)

It has been pointed out to me by two people that his naughty, little act was because he was angry that I left. I don't know, either he was angry or he really just HAD to go.

His Favorite Spot in the Sun  


  1. Tela Dear, What a mess to come home too. Do hope your tools didn't have time to rust! I think I read somewhere urine could oxidize copper...did you find it to be true??

    Richmond is finally getting back to normal. My husband has almost all of the branches cut and cleared from the yard.

  2. Hi Christine, glad to hear all is returning to normal. Same here. Going down 95 we saw sooooo many down trees in NC. Even that far West they were clobbered.

    I didn't have any copper in the bottom of the bin but I did have my steel ring mandrel. Apparently steel turns really black. I usually keep a thin layer of beeswax on it, but it's been awhile since I put some on. Good reminder.

  3. Eeeeeek yuck!!! Naughty boy.

    I will easily believe that he really HAD to go, but he could have chosen another place. A sofa for example. Or a carpet. ;-))) But no, he chose the box that is usually absorbing your attention. I think he sent a very personal message to you. ;-) That must be were the expression "I'm p***ed (off)" comes from.

    But how can anyone be angry with him, he looks so sweet and innocent and soulful. Lovely photo, by the way. You must have been on your stomach to take that picture?

  4. I do believe you are right. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am. :)

    I have a swivel body camera so I can get into lots of strange positions with my camera. He was in his favorite spot and had no intentions of moving for me, so I went to him.

    He is a sweetie. Very affectionate and communicative.


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