Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This blog entry was featured for the day (Friday, Sep. 30, 2011) in the stories category on The Beading Divas Daily. I'm so glad Lois, of Copper Wire Jewelers and A Beaded Affair (her shop), wrote to tell me about it! I've never been to the site before, but I like it. Lots of variety and things to see. Check it out!

I had some play time. I grabbed some spare household wiring (14gauge) and started stripping it, thinking of what I might do with it. It occurred to me that I have NEVER wrapped a focal bead with the bead wired in. I have used beads as cabs, but never as beads. So, I grabbed some of the freshly skinned wire and started aimlessly playing with this big bead I bought a few years ago (some kind of jasper). I had no real ideas in my head, I just played around with it and before I knew it, I had a bug. Stylized, yes, but a bug. I had to put some antennas on him when I was finished. Hee heee! I showed it to everyone in the house and they all saw the bug. This isn't my usual thing, but I really like it, probably because I like praying mantises and this reminds me of them for some reason. It's big, though- almost 4 inches long, the necklace is 20" and the bead alone is 2 1/4". I couldn't get the whole piece in the camera frame. The necklace is nice and works real well with the piece. The "head" bead photographs more blue than it is, it is green. I added some faceted goldstone to the wings. The focal is real secure on the frame with 2 sections of  22gauge. For my first wired focal and with no design in mind, I think it came out pretty good. :)

For anyone wondering about Cat with our new family additions- he's loving life! I worried that he might just run off and find another home with all the commotion going on here now, but he has found a new friend in my grandson. They are best buddies. My grandson has a classic case of ADHD. He was real quiet one day for like a half hour. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just chillin' on the couch petting Cat. They are very good with each other. :)

Cat still refuses to use a box and goes out at night. He got in a horrific fight the other night and came in with a pretty bad bite/puncture wound. I don't know which cat got the losing end of that fight, but it was a pretty bad one. My daughter is training to be a vet assistant and put her skills to good use. He's healing fine. He surprises me all the time. I really didn't think he would sit for her to clean and medicate his wound, but he did. What a good kitty he is. I'm glad he chose to stay with us. :)


  1. What a nice bug :)! I like very much every kind of jewelry bugs :)!

  2. Oh, I love bug jewelry. This one is sweet. The stone sure looks like kambaba jasper. Hard to tell from the pic for sure but it looks like it to me. Definitely a jasper at any rate.

  3. Thanks, Jaana :) I really like bug jewelry, too. I never made any before, though.

  4. Hi Lois, I can't remember exactly and I was dumb enough to lose the original bag, but I think this was called "rainforest jasper" or something to that effect. I just know for sure that it is a jasper. I like the cut and creamy colored texture of it. I have a piece of kambaba, though. It's small but nice.

  5. I would have felt so satsified had I made this. It's gorgeously constructed and balanced. A very happy experiment:)

  6. Wow! Sit down to play and come up with this gorgeous bug! Well constructed and beautiful colors. Love the necklace beads and how the compliment the critter.

    Cat arrived just in time for your Grandson to have someone to chill with. Animals are so sensitive to human needs.

  7. Thank you, Mary! I'm so glad you said that. Whenever I venture into the unknown I get a case of nerves. LOL!

  8. Hi Christine :) I'm glad you like the bug. It wasn't until I was playing with the head bead that I discovered that he was, in fact, a bug. I love the little antennas to complete the look. You said that the household changes could bring new direction in my work and I guess you were right. :)

    Wanna know something else- I should have added this in my post- half way through making this a thunderstorm rolled through and we lost power again for a few hours. I didn't want to stop, so I finished him off in lantern light. Now, that's persistence. LOL!

    Yes, I believe Cat came right on time. They were sitting together again this morning just enjoying each others company.

  9. Wow Tela I really love your bug!!!! also I was wondering what are the two beads next to the pendant on the necklace part??? Your cat sounds like mine, only mine goes right next to the box, so now I put puppy pads there and he uses that, thank gosh it is only in the basement or he would be out for good..

  10. Hi Lynn, if you are Lynn1964 then they are the same beads that were in the big rhodonite necklace of mine that you liked. I bought these in a huge lot with nothing labeled. As far as I can tell they are what's being called Russian Serpentine. I'm not 100% sure, though. I love them. But I only have one left now.

    I really wish I knew what to do about Cat and his dislike of kitty boxes. We have tried different boxes and different litter. He is just not going to use one. *sigh*

  11. Yes this is me!!!!! I sure do remember the necklace. I just loved it so much, and those beads are so eye catching.. I wish I could help with the cat, but some cats do this, I think that he is just picky like mine, and he still loves you..


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