Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life's Changes, Forgotten Pieces and Glenda's Free Tute

I have a hella busy week coming up. My single father son and grandkids are coming back to the roost. :) I wouldn't mention it, but it seems a lot of us lately are experiencing kids moving back home or leaving home. This new chapter in my life will bring huge changes. I took my grandkids in once before, years ago. When I did, I put away all my jewelry things. This time, I'm not going to. I think I will need the outlet. The kids are older, too and need me less. I'm also hoping one or both will show some interest in some facet of my hobby.

I'm planning to keep up the blog. There will be a time of adjustment for my family. If I miss a block or two of time, don't worry, I'll be back.  :)

I was rearranging, getting ready for a full house when I found a container with some forgotten pieces. They are all pieces that I didn't like for one reason or another or ones that I planned to revisit and redo. After a fresh, critical look, I decided two of them are actually pretty ok- better than I thought they were when I put them away, anyway. :) Sometimes, a little distance makes for a miraculous improvement.

Fellow wire artist and friend, Glenda, of the UK has posted a wonderful, free tutorial on her blog. Check it out! As useful and beautiful as her project is, it is also very informative. ;)

Very small, gemmy lapis cab in copper weave

Small, beautiful green flash, white opal ring in copper (test piece)


  1. OH yeah, those don't deserve the to be shunted into a box. The ring is especially an interesting design.

    I hope things go well with family adjustments. I still have my 24 yr old home with me also.

  2. I'm very glad to hear your tools aren't to be put away!! As you say it's funny how sometimes you leave something for a while and upon seeing it again you have a whole different perspective (Im off to put the other half in the wardrobe and barricade hime in, maybe if I let him out next week he might resemble George Clooney!! ha ha)!! I LOVE the ring, its gorgeous! Thank you very much for the link by the way, it's greatly appreciated! ....and if you can read this I have solved the mystery of not being able to comment too!!! Not a bad weekends work! ha ha x

  3. Thank you Mary! I was looking at that ring trying to remember how I did it. Another project, I guess :)

    I don't mind having the kids around, at all, but it WILL be an adjustment. My son has been on his won for a very long time, so being back home will be more hard on him, I think.

    GLENDA! YOU DID IT!! So glad you were finally able to post, my friend!

    You are one funny lady! I got a good laugh out of that :D Thanks!

  4. Tela, I wish you well with this new adjustment in your life. Your son and grandchildren are fortunate to have a loving family to support them emotionally during this time. And oh, we wait to hear the stories of joy that you will share with all of us.

    Lucky us that you went deep into your stash to find both of these pieces. I like them both very much. The concept of destashing a couple of beads to create a pendant is really appealing. This would be really nice with a couple of gemstones. And the ring is true testimony on how you have full command of your wire. I'm telling you, there are days that I can't get that darn wire to bend the way I want it no matter what I do to it. Any time you want to rent me your magic wire wand I will gladly accept. Smile.

    Enjoy your new larger family and all the adventures that this will bring to your life.


  5. Tela, So happy you rescued these two pieces. I really like the woven look of both of them. Relieved and happy to hear you won't be putting your tools away. Life does bring us adventures and challenges. I think your grand kids will be interested in learning from you. The energy level will increase but what a great opportunity to bond with all in a closer way.

    After college and a few years in NYC, our youngest is moving back in for a few months. She wants to save to spend three months traveling in Argentina and SA to figure out her next step and have a new adventure. It will bring changes to our empty nest but we are excited to have her here for awhile.

  6. Susan, thank you so much for your positive words. :) I'm really looking forward to the changes. I was just beginning to feel old. I think a shake up in the household will do me and us all good. :)

    Don't worry about those days when the wires won't behave- it happens to us all! I can certainly attest to that :) Magical wires would be awesome on those days!

  7. Christine, I almost hate to admit how much I want my grandkids with me. I have really hated being so far from them. It is the natural order for my son to have distance and raise his family on his own, but he can't be a mother, too and my grandson really needs a mother figure- esp at his age when he and dad are butting heads. My son says he is really excited to be living with grandma. My granddaughter is having a hard time leaving her friends and school, though. It's heartbreaking, really. But, I'm sure we'll all settle in and all this will be for the best. I'm actually pretty excited. The only part that upsets me is that I won't have a photography room anymore. It was sooo convenient- but I can live without it.

    So good to hear about your daughter. I'm glad she will get the chance to visit and to travel. Sounds so fun and adventurous! I hope you have a wonderful visit. :)

  8. Dear, it must be so convenient to have a photography room. Sometimes it seems to take way too much to get it all set up so I understand being upset about losing it. The good news is, you do have the extra room for your grand daughter. As difficult a transition as it may be, in the long run you will all be so blessed to have this time together. Kids do need a mothering influence and your son is wise for knowing this. My 20 month old grand son is in DC. I get to see him maybe once a month yet I miss him with a visceral ache.
    Sending you positive energy to get through the settling in adjustment period. You are a good woman!

  9. My photo room was my daughter's before she left. It was also a "junk" room, but served perfectly for my photos. I had a surface that was just above my waist level so I didn't have to do a lot of bending. I could stand, which made it easier to maneuver. I was quite satisfied with the set up. I may have found a new solution in my bedroom, but I haven't tried it out, yet. It is just so convenient to leave it all up instead of dragging things in and out.

    It is hard to describe what grandkids mean to us grandmas isn't it? They really are special.

    Thank you, Christine, for your positive thoughts and caring words, they mean a lot to me. :)


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