Friday, September 23, 2011

A Quick Beaded Project

First, I want to explain how the feedburner works, in case you don't know. If I don't post by 8am my time, the burn will not be sent till the next morning around 8. I thought I would explain that because of the lagtime on some of the blog entries. I've had a hard time meeting that deadline lately :) Also, if you have signed up for the feedburn via email you need to answer the verification email to fully subscribe.

Now that the business stuff is out of the way... I'd like to share a small project I managed to get done with a house full of people yesterday. (All the kids, grandkids and brother!)

Never in my life had I thought that I would work with seedbeads. The idea never appealed to me. But, this year, I made a commitment to myself to learn and try doing some. I was greatly encouraged by Renate and Dawn at JL, who shared tips and patterns with me. Although beading is in no way my first love, I have grown to like many aspects of it. Even though I am not very accomplished, I have learned a few stitches and those can be done while watching something or hanging out talking. I thought it would take forever to learn the peyote stitch especially the start of it, but as my block and reservations about beading wore off, the stitches got easier.

I have posted at JL a few of the chains that I have made, here, here, here, here and here. They are terribly time consuming but oh so gorgeous. I made one necklace that I gave to my daughter, the daughter who just moved back into town, and then made matching earrings. I didn't get any pictures of the earrings before I gave them to her. But, since I had to make my other daughter a pair, I got pictures of those.

A little while back Jackie, at JL, posted some earrings that I adored. I thought they were a great idea and had to make some. I had some glass tube beads that I got super cheap, but didn't like much, so I made a peyote fabric to zip up around the tube. That provided a way for the bead fabric to stay inflated. When I was done, I just added some brick stitch borders and big, glass rondelles to the ends, then added wire. The beads are #11 delicas and they are FABULOUS! I love the iridescence of them. For me, earrings always have to play with light in some way and these are gorgeous with the hitting them at different angles. The tubes are about 3/4 inch long.



  1. Tela, These are gorgeous! A house full of people and you just whip up a pair of peyote stitch beauties. Sounds like everyone is getting settled.

  2. Tela, I have some larger beads like these and just love their iridescence. They remind me of Raiku pottery.

    I doubt I have the patience to work with seed beads like these and work them into "fabric" which this stitching creates, so have never tried. I just keep on bending copper wire and am satisfied with that. But, these are gorgeous that you created and I think your daughter will wear them proudly.

  3. Thanks Christine :) I found it pretty easy to sit and chat while I made these and the other pair. I couldn't do anything more intense, though. Yes, things are settling in little by little.

  4. Hi Susan :) I never thought about working with seed beads either until I decided that a few of my pendants would benefit from a seed bead necklace. It was a also a challenge to myself. After getting over my mental block to doing bead work and some help from friends, I was able to learn enough stitches to be satisfied with. I could never do the gorgeous, intricate work that others do, though.

  5. Wow, you can do anything... and Peyote no less. Sweet earrings!

  6. Thanks, Lois. I think I linked to all the beaded projects that I've done. I haven't done much. I would like to do more, though. But, my money tends to go straight to cabs. :)


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