Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I got in from the trip to get the kids on Sunday afternoon. Monday and Tuesday we were unpacking and settling in. Every spare moment, I thought I could grab my pliers and and work something out real quick. NOT!!

Now that time is at a premium, I realize just how long the birth of design takes. I always knew that the design stage was the longest, but this crunch on my time brings in a whole new perspective. I need a good block of quiet, quality time with music wafting in to do my best design work. With kids around again, I realize those times will be few and far between. Of course, those of you with kids already know what I mean.

When I started making jewelry, the 2 kids left in the nest were in highschool and certainly didn't want to hang around. They were never a bother for time. The two grandkids are pretty self sufficient as far as grabbing their own cereal etc, but they are still underfoot or watching something loud on Netflix. So, I will have to work out a schedule and teach them that I value my time, as well. This is going to be fun, I can tell already :) LOL!

Last night after the kids' bedtime, about 10 loads of laundry and a sink full of dirty dishes, I ventured to pull out my tools. I tried to work out a design idea I had and gave up, maybe a little too soon, but slightly frustrated grows to a block- so I quit that.

What had really been bugging was the gem wrap that I did with the citrine. I had mentioned that I thought the sides looked like beads. I have been dieing to try doing just that. So with this new piece, I added some super, #11 silky luster, DB Delicas to the sides. It doesn't photograph as nice as it looks in person. The beads really add something to this. The color and rolling flash compliment the large smoky quartz and meld nicely with the copper. They don't stand out, they just add frosting to the cake.

Did I mention that I lost my photography room? Well, I found a new place that seems to be working out well. BUT, I broke my tripod!!!! Damn. I found that I have a pretty steady hand after one cup of coffee, but not two. LOL!


  1. Tela, I once heard someone say that as long as there was time in the world, there would always be something to fill it {the time}. Don't worry about being busy. Your designs are precious. Perhaps, while you are busy with other things, your mind will be free to subconsciously create and you will face the block less and less. I really love what you did with the beads in this piece, and I look forward to the next masterpiece .--Dearrings

  2. D, thank you so much for being so encouraging!! I think once we have settled into a routine I will find more quality jewelry design and YES, I am hoping some designs percolate in the back of my brain. :)

  3. Hey Tela, So happy to see your post. I was wondering if this was moving in time. This piece is gorgeous! The beads really do accent the quartz and the copper. The lacey look of the wire balances with the facets of the gem.

    Be gentle with youself as you are undergoing a huge transition. It will take a little time to find when your creative rhythms flow best. Maybe school hours will be your hours. You all will be blessed for this time in your life together. Adjustments and change yes. The kids will bring a new energy that will find its way into your creations.

  4. It's a beautiful wrap! I love looking at it from the side view:)

    I too need quiet in order to design my work. I can weave in front of the TV, but design my project? No way!

    I hope you and the littles can work something out

  5. Thank you, Christine :)

    I have said before that I wanted the grandkids closer and the grandma in me wants to beam in words how thrilled I was to see their happy faces and feel their big hugs. They are very happy here and that satisfies me to no end. I don't want to get too personal or mushy, but I also don't want anyone to get the impression that the kids are a burden and intrusion on my time. My heart is full with them around and that is the creative energy I hope to draw from. Yes, there will be a time of adjustment, but I'm up for it.

    Thank you so much for being the wonderful person you are Christine! You are a blessing to your friends, myself included.

  6. Hi Mary, Yes, designing can be a slow process unless it is one of those times when the muse takes over completely and you finish before you knew you started. :)

    Thank you for the compliment :) There is something about this design and the basket design that I really enjoy making. I wonder if it is the intricacy of both of the constructions. I can get real anal about some things and these 2 designs call for that. I guess it's a lot like weaving, the fun and satisfaction is in the precise work of it.

    Loved your latest blog and piece BTW :)


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