Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Broke It!

Last night, I worked on a pin/broach.
I had a slight accident with it.
I went hiking today to free my mind.

When I got back from my hike, I looked over my broken piece and decided to save it after all. It is a new design and one I am happy enough with to try again. Since this gorgeous, antique cameo is broken now, I'll leave it in copper.

This isn't actually a pin, yet. I didn't add the pin last night for two reasons. 1) I don't have any spring hard copper wire. Anyone know where I can get some????  2) I was so broken hearted over this nice, Deco cameo that I had to just walk away. (Hence the hike.)

A tiny sliver is taken off the top left of the shell. : (

I found that an emory board helped smooth the broken edge of the cameo. I don't think it is too distracting. Broken, it is, but still pretty. (Now I just need some pin wire.)


Speaking of saves, I think I managed to save a malachite piece that wasn't quite right.  I removed the offending beads, replaced them with black Toho beads and added a bail. I think the LOS was an improvement, too. : )

Victorian Large Green Malachite Handmade Beaded Pendant
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  1. Really gorgeous malachite. One of my faves! You really highlighted the stone!

  2. Thank you so much! I love malachite, too. I'm glad you like this, it took a while, but it finally got there. :)

  3. Tela, So sorry about the gorgeous cameo. Good move on your part to walk away. From the photo, the damage is not noticeable. The setting is perfect allowing the cameo to be the star.
    Malachite is also a favorite of mine and looks stunning with copper. Looks like you arrived with this piece.

  4. Hugs over the cameo!! I like the simple elegant wrap you chose for it and the itty pearl drop.

  5. Thank you, Christine :) I was so sad to break my cameo. :(

    Glad you like how the malachite ended up. I don't mind that some pieces take a while to get there, as long as they make it. LOL!

    I've even redone the cameo piece and plan a third revision. I have plans to post the progression.

  6. Thank you, Mary, it was one of my favorites, too. I have quite a collection from back in the day when I did more cameo pieces. Now, I adore looking at them as much as setting them.

    I'm liking that wrap, too. It holds real well hence the break- but truth be told, the shell was real thin there. I'm going to do this again in silver.

  7. Christine, I notice your new avatar. Can you tell me about that piece? It's gorgeous, but the picture is so small...

  8. Hi Tela,
    Love the cameo. What a shame it broke. It sure doesn't show much in the picture. Perhaps you could wrap it so the damage doesn't show at all.
    As far as spring hard copper, let me know if you find any. I've never seen any. When doing a pin I just work harden half hard. Has to be done carefully because there is a fine line between really hard and brittle. Hate it when I go too far and the point snaps off.

  9. Tela, I had no idea what an avatar was until the JL forum. This is one of my pine needle other creative love. I weave loblolly pine needles with imitation sinew. The center is an acrylic coated agate. One of my wire fireflys landed on the side. Thanks for asking!

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  11. Hi Lois, yes it is too bad about the cameo. I could wrap it to hide the flaw it now has, but I think I'm going to leave it as is, as it has now become a necklace- because, NO, I haven't been able to find any hard copper, so the pin is out. I'm going to try one in silver, though and make it a pin. Thanks for your thoughts on the hard copper. I think I'll be doing some experimenting. :)

  12. Thanks, Christine :) I thought it was a basket. It's so intricate!! Very nice! That is another artform that is slowly going away. Good for you for keeping it alive and doing it so beautifully!


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