Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspired by a Comment

After I posted part one of the stone series, Susan Roper commented that she would like to see a square shaped wrap. I took this as a compliment, of course, but also a challenge since I don't wrap many square shapes. Square shapes have never inspired me much and I was grateful for the comment because it made me reach outside the box for a new wrap.

I took the rectangular picasso stone and traced it out on a piece of paper. Then I started doodling. What do I love about the stone? The lines and contrast. I played with those qualities for ideas. I wanted to do something different. I hit upon a technique that I used once before, in a different way, and worked with that. So, sticking with the quality of the stone and the shape, which is so geometrical (my term for simple shapes), I came upon this wrap.

This wrap looks deceiving. There are no moving or bending parts other than the bail. The fringe bottom is perfectly solid with 20g copper, hard wires. The total length, including bail, is 3". The copper patina was left dark except for the bail.

My opinion on this is still out. I like it, but I don't know how much. In retrospect, I would have done a few things differently. It didn't photograph very well, either. But, my reservations may simply be due to the fact that  I don't care for square shapes much. Please, do let me know what YOU think.

This is a very inspired piece. I never would have picked it up and tried something new with a square shape if Susan hadn't mentioned it. Thank you, Susan! I truly enjoyed reaching outside the box and working this out. :) I hope this inspired you to be creative with this simple shape.

Monday:  Part Two of the series:  What I Look for in a Stone

Gone to a new home.
EDIT:  My daughter wore a gray striped shirt over for a visit and I thought the pendant would look great with it. I like it a lot more being worn. :) She's wearing it out to lunch.


  1. OMG Tela! Thank you so much for saying I inspired you to do something instead of it always being the other way around since your wrapping ALWAYS inspires me!

    This is truly beautiful and I like the fact that you used the square stone in a way which changes the shape to be more toward what appeals to you.

    The one tip that I will always appreciate hearing is so simple that I am wondering why I never thought of it myself...tracing around the shape of the stone and sketching/doodling to come up with a workable plan. This, instead of as I do which is dive in, wire and stone in hand, and trying to make whatever wants to happen work! I usually end up wasting lots of wire that way. Your way just might waste some paper and graphite instead if it doesn't appeal in the end...much cheaper! And this to me, who is a so-called artist, has to be reminded about sketching first!

    You are just the best...Susan

  2. Shame on you Susan! LOL! With your drawing talent, I'm really surprised that you didn't do that before. I admit, I only sketch 90% of the time. Sometimes, it's all of the cuff. :)

    I'm really glad you like it. I like it a lot more when being worn. I think my daughter might up with this... she's asking about the earrings now. :)

  3. rock!! Way to rise to a challenge and totally succeed. This stone is beautiful. It looks like it was drawn by an engineer or maybe an Oriental painter. Very linear yet abstract. Your wrapping is perfect for the design. You patterned the lines with your wrap and extended the design.

    I like seeing it worn and have a feeling your daughter is a proud owner.


  4. Good morning, Christine!
    I'm so glad you like it! I wondered about it at first, but it grew on me. I like that technique a lot and I'm going to try it some other ways.

    You've seen my work for a while now, so I'm sure you noticed, as Renate did, that I turned this into a more triangular piece- I seem to not be able to help myself when it comes to triangles. LOL!

  5. I did notice the triangle!! Your muse seems very attracted to them and they always add to the design! I do think this is a techniqueworth further exploration. It holds a lot of possibilities.

  6. I've always found squares and rectangles hard to wrap. (I guess I prefer the curving grace of wire swirls to angles :) However,I love how you put a point on the square; its very flattering on this piece.

  7. Your work is very inspiring and it was fun to see what inspired you! Very cool!

  8. Thanks D! I seem to gravitate towards angles, but I do love graceful curves. I guess it all depends on my mood. I'd say it is hard for me to pick my favorite shape, but since I seem to unconsciously do triangles, I think it picked me. :)

  9. Uptwnsh, thank you (cool name, btw). I like to explore these things. Sometimes, though, I don't know how a piece comes about until afterward it's done. :)


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