Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lady Liberty

Here's a new piece that I just finished. There are two stories behind it. One, I am saving for another post because I want to work it out right. The second story, the one I'm going to tell is the birth of the piece and the title.

You may notice this technique from another recent piece. Funny, because this was also inspired by a comment. My original idea was inspired by Nicola Tesla because he fascinates me. This shape really lends itself to the arching of electricity above it. I sent the idea to Renate,  fellow jeweler and friend, who commented that it reminded her of the Statue of Liberty. I liked that even more and went with it. Here's the original idea. (Actually, it got a little more involved than that with lightning bolts up the side, too. But I nixed all of it and went with Lady Liberty. The balls at the bottom had to be dropped, too, because I can't get my little torch to get melty with my copper.)

What I ended up with is similar enough but inspired more by the rays in Liberty's hat and the flame of her torch. My piece has 2 flames on either side on the stone. I'll have to do Tesla another time. :)

Gone to a new home. :)

The Statue of Liberty is formed with copper and so is this. I was REAL tempted to do an ammonia fume on this to bring out the green in the copper, but wasn't sure how it would affect the stone, since it is shot with bronze.

This is a Mojave Turquoise. I haven't worked one before. I found it to be real easy to work with and it took the tumbler well. The color is insane, though! Is it blue or is it purple? You think you know until you put those colors up next to it. I had a heck of a time figuring out the beads to use. I ended up using some baby blue to pick that color up in the stone and then some really cool textured glass, bronzy copper colored "pearls" and various small purple glass and stone beads with copper spacers. This is 18-20". I rarely use man made stones but this one is just too good NOT to use. And, it is only half man made. It is actually real bits of turquoise- dyed and pressed with some bronze (or bronze color, not sure) into a cuttable slab. The bronze provides a real nice metal spiderweb.

Hope you like this as much as I do. I was really excited to get it finished. :)


  1. You must have gotten the grandchildren trained very quickly or you have them tied up somewhere. You were worried about being able to be creative with them around. I think you need not have worried. lol

  2. Thanks for noticing, Lois! Yup, they are tied up in the back when they aren't in school. LOL! Really, we have just gotten into a routine and my muse has been kind. It seems like I can't keep up with it!!! Worse things could happen, right? :)

  3. That is so stunning and unusual! The colors really impress!! The clean lines are pure Tela!! I hope you will try your Tesla idea. What a unique and mysterious man to be inspired by and I'd love to see what you do with that

  4. Hi Mary :) Thank you! Yes, Tesla was very interesting and I do intend to do something else with him in mind. You like that turquoise? Me, too. It is so intense! Think I need to get more. :)

  5. Hey Tela, This is an incredible piece! The colors are stunning in the stone and you did it justice with your wrap. The clean lines are a great balance to the meanderings of the stones. I had to search for the Tela T and found it in the center of Lady Liberty's crown.
    It is a grand feeling when your Muse is happy and in over drive. Now go untie those children :)

  6. Here you go again, everything is beautiful.. I love the wrap, and the colors... Thanks for the story..

  7. Hi Christine, my friend :) Yeah, I wondered about the T. Glad you found it. :)

    I untied the kids last night for dinner and didn't have the heart to tie them back up. They are just too precious :)Besides, I think they have been good for my muse. In all honesty, I think that I feel like I am under pressure for time and that's what has been working for me. I don't have as much time to second guess myself. So, in that respect, they have been great for my muse. I don't allow my work to interfere with the kids' time, but I do allow the kids to interfere with jewelry time. Maybe that's wrong, but they are still young. I love them to pieces and they will always come first. (They do go to bed early, though. LOL!)

  8. Thanks, Lynn! Some things are just so inspiring to me, I have to share it.

  9. Tela Dear, What ever you are is working. Your little ones are so precious and we know how quickly they grow up. What a gift for all of you to let them interfere with your jewelry time. I think your muse is loving their energy and I think you are very astute about second guessing your self. You are a dear and talented woman, my friend. So happy we connect through cyberspace.


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