Sunday, October 9, 2011

Posting Comments

I really enjoy hearing from my jewelry friends! :)  I also get a good feel for what I am doing right and wrong and for what interests people, so really, commenting helps to drive the content that YOU would like to see. I've been real blessed with lots of good conversation from many of my friends out there on the world wide web. But, it has come to my attention that some of our fellow artists have been unable to post due to a problem with Blogger or the settings I have on it.

Some blog settings have been changed and hopefully anyone who wants to comment should be able to do so, now. You will still have to "type the letters you see" into the little box because, well, I hate spam. :)

A world map has been added to the blog indicating all the countries from which my visitors come from. I have to say, I love the internet!  Take a look at the map. Where else but the internet can so many people from so many countries and cultures get together and share a common interest?? It's really quite fabulous when you think of it!

(And, since this a visual medium- here's a new piece that has already been posted online, but in case you missed it, here's "Imperial", a superb Imperial Jasper in copper wire.)

Artisan Art Deco Style Designer Pink Green Imperial Jasper Pendant
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  1. Hey Tela, The internet has brought the world to me . I too feel blessed to have made creative friends. It makes me smile when I see Blog updates.

    Jasper has become one of my favorite stones in all the gorgeous forms it appears in. Imperial is an excellent name for this beauty. The crown bail confirms it! As I said on JL, this wrap is pure Tela. The perfect compliment to this incredible stone.

  2. Yes, it is a blessing to live in this day and age with all of our technologies. I'm old enough to remember when this stuff was sci fi, LOL! Meeting so many people from all over the world really does make the world a smaller, more intimate place.

    I love jaspers! I have found very few agates that really speak to me, it is always the jaspers. I especially love the porcelain jaspers.

  3. Like I said before, this is wonderful, and i think it is neat too that we can share are interest with others all over the world.. I was in a resent Round Robin, and my group had 6 of us from all over the world, the process to over 6 months.. It was so special to me and I have something to remember it by. Lynn

  4. Hi Tela,
    I love this wrap. Just gorgeous. I was almost "excited" when I saw it posted on JL. Sorry I am not very articulate like others so I feel "funny" making comments. I truly love this wrap style.I love your other work too....just really love this...
    I am happy to be able to post and comment here on your blog now too.
    The new map is way to cool. Thanks for sharing your work

  5. Hi Lynn, I'm so intrigued! I didn't know what Round Robin was so I looked it up. My imagination is running wild trying to guess at what you're playing. :D That sounds really cool and yes, a memory maker, for sure. I has to be a lot of fun! At this point in my life, I don't think I could get in any world traveling, but I can sure appreciate the adventures of others. Thank you for sharing that :)

  6. Hi Las! I'm so glad you were able to comment! Thank you :) Don't feel like you have to, though, and don't feel like you have nothing to share or that you are inarticulate because I don't think that, at all.

    I'm really glad you like the new piece, too. A while back, when I was in my funk- aka slump, I felt boring to me. Probably because my style is so simple. I had to step back from it for awhile. Hearing how much others like it kinda inspires me to keep it up. Thank you :)

  7. And keep it up, Tela, you should! I think the beauty of the stones should be foremost, and with your more simple design style you allow that to happen. I, too, am so fond of jasper and always am on the lookout for it when rockhounding. You always inspire me to keep on wrapping with wire.

    I am also a watercolorist and have made many friends worldwide through my blog for painting. I joined a group of watercolorists who, at one time, had quarterly swaps of paintings and you never knew from whom you were going to receive a painting and it was always a wonderful surprise. I now have a swap gallery wall in my studio with paintings from all over the world. I treasure that!

  8. Hi Susan- thanks for the vote of confidence :)

    Your swap sounds wonderful! It would be like getting a "Painting of the Month" surprise. Your wall must look awesome with so many styles represented. I have never done a bead, jewelry or painting swap before.

    I have dabbled in painting with acrylics. I know that using water colors is a whole nuther matter, though. I have been to your watercolor blog and admired your work. You are a multi talented, lady! Thanks for sharing!


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