Friday, October 7, 2011

Redo and Redone

I spent a lot of time hiking this week. I needed the exercise and the weather is supreme after about 3 weeks of rain. I got a lot of pictures of cool mushrooms, but my video camera was messing up. I have arthritis pretty bad and an assortment of other things that make hiking difficult, but the doc says that the pain is a good thing and I have to walk through it, which I did. :) I admit that I do feel better after about 5 miles of hilly terrain with a heavy backpack. It's the first 4 that are murder!

My jewelry time consisted of reworking the cameo piece from my last blog entry. I love the wrap, but was sad about the break. Since the damage wasn't too bad, I decided to keep it and play with it some more. I can not find any copper wire hard enough for a pin, so I made the piece into a simple pendant.

 I wasn't really satisfied with that design because it was too simple and not really fitting for the age of the cameo, so I made a necklace out of it. I used raw patinaed copper and non tarnish copper chain. The small beads are delicate coral colored shell beads. The larger beads are glass and are a color that my camera seems to think is florescent. They are really the darker shade in the carnelian shell cameo only a little brighter. I made this 17 inches and it sits beautifully. I tried to get my daughter to sit for a picture of her neck (and the necklace) but she was having none of it because she didn't have her make up on LOL!.


  1. Hey Tela, isn't it grand to finally have the sun shining?? We had a giant mushroom out front that looked like an alien pod form. Good for you for pushing yourself to hike.
    Great save of this beautiful cameo. While I did like the simplicity of the first setting, the second one with the added beads and wire curves is outstanding. The necklace now fits the antique feel of the cameo. Although cameras can be frustrating with color, the beads do look like compliments to the stone.

  2. Yes, Christine, the weather has finally brightened in our neck of the woods. Yay! And, WOW so many different mushrooms!

    In the middle of one hike was a trail that went straight up a million year old HUGE, tree covered dune! I looked at it, considered the prospect of falling down half way up, took a deep breath and ventured on. I can't believe I made it! LOL!

    Thanks about the cameo. I'm really pleased with it myself, now. :)

    I love my camera, but there are a few colors that just seem to glow with it. (esp. orangy ones)

  3. This is the perfect setting for that sweet cameo now. Very elegant, but simple also. Love that patinated copper!

    I have my mother's vintage cameo brooch pin and you have inspired me to remake it into something like this design. I have been stuck on ideas lately and now I like the simple design of yours and will use it for a kick-start for my cameo. Thanks for sharing that! I'll have to drag out my hoarded 14k gold wire, though, since the pin is surrounded by very good gold filigree.

  4. Hi Susan and thank you :) I'm really glad that I inspired you. I'm all for making older jewelry wearable again especially sentimental pieces. Why leave it to sit in a box? I used to collect old cameos that had lost their frames. It always seemed that those little miniature works of art were so sad and neglected. I've probably redone about 20 and it was always satisfying. Most I have done in the gold, but it's too rich for me now. :(

    Can't wait to see what you do with yours. I hope you will post it. :)

  5. A classic look for a classic piece of jewelry. Lovely as usual! ;-)

  6. Lovely finish to a beautiful antique piece.


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