Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Saturday Post- couldn't wait

I have created a document that I think contains some pieces that I would consider Dieselpunk or Neo Deco. Please let me know what you think. Some of these you haven't seen before. :)


To add to those pieces is a new piece that I finished today.

This is a Finnish Spectrolite in a modified sail shape. I allowed the shape to dictate the wrap. This stone has vexed me for years, because it did not hang straight, but I fixed it. When I wrapped the bail, I brought the wrapping around to the side it needed to be on to make it hang right. Subtle, yet effective :) The bottom wire that follows the sail line also helps balance the stone. This stone is more directional than most, but, boy, when it lights up, it is stunning!

Gone to a new home.


  1. Ahh Tela, Outstanding! I am speaking about your body of work and your latest piece. The body of work is a beauty to behold. Each stone is unique in color, size, shape and type. Your wrapping shows off each stone to its best advantage in your unique style. This collection works so well together. Each piece fits into the Deco/Neo-Deco style with their own individual twists.

    The Spectrolite is gorgeous! Your problem solving skills came out with this beauty. I love the woven bail. The piece does look ready to sail off.

    I am not familiar with a Scrib document...until seeing yours. Do you have a plan for it??

    Doesn't that document just blow you away when you look at all you have created...and these are just the pieces we are seeing! Feel Proud!

  2. Christine, you do my heart good! Thank you so much!! That was just what I wanted to read. :)

    I got the idea for the document from Glenda. She put a tute on her blog with it. It's real convenient and saves space. I guess, I wanted to put it together to see if I and others could discern an overall "look". I thought I had a look, but I wasn't too sure until I pulled all those errant photos together in one place. It does make the look more apparent. Of course, I do other things, too, but what you see in the doc is what I most drawn to do.

    The Spectrlite is beautiful, isn't it? I just love that stuff and I was real happy to find a solution for it.

    Thank you, dearest, for all of your thoughtful support. :)

  3. That's such a clever way of balancing the pendant, Tela!!!( I guess its not too far from what real boats have to do either :)

    I really enjoyed seeing your work all together in the Scrib document. What exactly is Neo Deco, though? I could definitely point out your pieces among others, but I didn't know there was a name for it. ---Dearrings

  4. Tela, what a wonderful asymmetrical pendant!! The eye and mind take in many thoughts when looking at the shape that you have chosen, making this a valuable design for creative realization. This stone is stunning.

    I love how you have not only designed this style, but also created the word, Neo-Deco, that best emphasizes this creative style.


  5. Hi D :) Thank you! My work has been slowly taking this direction for a number of years and I have always thought of it as Neo Art Deco- meaning in the style of, or influenced by, Art Deco. I have never heard of it, either, so I did some research and found that there is a movement or genre that incorporates the styles and attitudes of the 20's through the 50's called Dieselpunk. Kind of an ugly name, I know. it is related to Steampunk, however, it focuses on the time frame I mentioned, rather than the Victorian time of Steam punk. Hope that was helpful. :)

  6. Thank you, Susan- so glad you approve of my new word :) but, i think someone, somewhere has used it before. I certainly can't call what I do pure Deco, so I had to find something to describe it.

  7. Very creative Tela!!! I really like this and coming up with such a neat title. It does go with your beautiful jewelry and style.. And the last one, lets say!! Beautiful... Lynn

  8. Thanks, Lynn for the vote of confidence! I'm warming to the font. :)


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