Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Color in Silver: Embrace

As a prelude to the color edition of  my stones series, I bring you bustamite. I'm a sucker for pink. I like dusty, bashful pink, not Barbie pink. This Bustamite is just about perfect for me. This is the color of the rare, angelskin coral, beautifully tender and feminine. It is shy. It is fresh and seemingly wet with dew. The stone is hard, yet, the color texture is like velvet with a glassy smooth finish. It is gel which means it glows when backlit. This is one of my favorite rarities.

I got an email from a lovely woman asking me to do something in silver. I work mostly in copper because A) I love it and B) it is more affordable for my hobby. However, I have some stones, like this bustamite, that call for silver over copper. I have been wanting to wrap one for a long time. I broke out the Argentium and ran out of HH HR so I had to finish with HH square, but it worked out, ok. I was so terrified about working with what little silver I had left, that I did this wrap 3 times in copper first. :)

The color of the stone definitely directed my design. I wanted something feminine. Something coyly sexy with a vulnerable innocence. I wanted it to be for a special evening out- the kind of jewelry that you keep in a velvet, fitted box. Something timeless. If I could sum up this piece in one phrase, for me, it would be Channel Number 5.  I wanted to conjure a fairy tale, first kiss or allude to the bondage of passionate, pure love. It draws us in and captures us in a beautiful, loving embrace. For however fleeting a moment it is, it is rare and holds us transfixed, unable and unwilling to break free from the magic.

I kept the wrap simple, allowing the festoons of fine chain to add flourish and softly frame the stone. It also left most of the 40mm stone showing. I added two large, superb quality, natural colored pearls with Bali silver. The pearl color is actually a better match than in the photos. It is a lighter, dusky mauve. In hue, it is very close to the bustamite. I like that they kinda fade into the background unless you focus on them. They add just enough to the necklace without distracting. This is an adjustable 18" long. I used 22g HH R and SQ You notice that I made another triangle? I think I need to talk to a psychiatrist about this fascination with triangles. LOL!

Anyway, I guess I'm rambling, I'll shut up and let you look at some pictures. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Sorry for the bad picture quality but I had to get a quick shot of it on my daughter's neck. It really should be with a gown and not plaid, though. :)


  1. Tela Dear, You have outdone yourself with this beauty. It is Channel Number 5 in a velvet box. The bustamite is gorgeous in its subtle shade of pink. It definately called to the argentium as they are an outstanding match. Your wrap is perfect for the stone and of course includes the Tela T (triangle). The chains give the drop a sexy sway and the pearls are just the right compliment.

    Your descriptive writing holds its own with your descriptive wrapping. Well Done, my friend!

  2. Hi Christine, thank you so very much. :)

    I am fairly confident (usually) about my jewelry making, but not so about writing. Your comment really made my day. I feel I get carried away sometimes. This stone just really inspires me all around.

    I think I am going to stop resisting and admit that I am addicted to triangular shapes. That's the first step, right? :) "Tela T", I like that. Now, if I could just conquer those pesky 30x40 ovals...... LOL!

  3. Tela, this is gorgeous! Your description was very fitting and well done. I read it before looking at the stone. It took my breath away! I hope to one day be a quarter as talented as you. Very inspiring.


  4. I've never seen this tone it is quite amazing. Your wirework is gorgeous Tela!! That silver is singing!!

  5. Thank you, Kate and thanks so much for following :) I'm especially happy that you liked to read the blog, too. I think of blogs as being visual, but sometimes I get carried away by a piece or a stone and wonder, "Does anyone really want to read all that?". So, thanks, it means a lot to me. :)

  6. Thanks, Mary :) I have a few bustamites in my collection, but this is the first one that I've wrapped. It is found in Africa alongside sugilite. It's pretty rare and expensive, so I was nervous setting it for the first time. But, I needn't have worried, it's hard as a ... rock. :)

  7. Tela, I'm not a "pink" girl but the wrap on this one is stunning - the stone is allowed to shout to it's heart's content without being overwhelmed by the wire.

    Just so you know, when I visit your blog I love to read through all your words before I get to see the images - in fact, I will make sure I don't scroll down the page until I've read your last words - and only then will I look at the images. It's a bit like leaving your favourite chocolates till last and then really savouring them, lol!

    I love that you always come up with a vision of something so different than I can never second guess you - it's such a treat to visit your blog, I do it everyday, whether you've posted or not.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


    PS Your comment section is working well again.

  8. Vicky, I'm so glad that the comments section worked for you! And, thank you for them. I especially like your comment about reading the blog. It made my day! Thanks for following, I do hope you continue to enjoy it :)

  9. What a work of art. The composition of this entire piece, from the shape of the wire that compliments the angles of the stone, to the swags that enhance the triangle shape is right on. And the silver is perfect with the pink. Great to see this lovely, Tela.


  10. Oh my this is breath taking, I felt like I was watching Cinderella as you talked about this piece. I so love the wrap, And your triangles are cool. I really wish for is you have some more tuts for you wonderful wraps.

  11. Thank you, Susan ;) I'm so glad you like it! I've really been trying to hone my style. I just finished another that I hope has the same "flavor". My muse has been in overdrive, I LOVE IT!

  12. Hi Lynn, Wow! thanks so much! Maybe I should just do a book- 101 Ways to Wrap a Triangle, LOL! I do seem to love them. I have been putting off doing tutes for awhile, for a number of reasons. I haven't given up on them, but I'm looking into a new direction and possibly even doing a video. My son is here and it is something we have been talking about doing. Can't predict when or if that will happen, though, but it would be a whole lot easier to show some of these more difficult techniques. It is only in the talking stage right now.

  13. Well I will be waiting, So for now I will keep looking and enjoy the show.. Lynn


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