Monday, November 14, 2011


Ok, I can take a breather now and give you all a heads up on what I am doing.

I was reading a thread posted at jMf where Laura mentioned this cool way to put a store on your blog. We began to discuss it on another thread. Basically, a company called Ecwid has a store platform that is FREE. (For up to 100 items.) You can even sell downloadables, like tutes. The beauty of it is you can set it up anywhere you want to (just about); on blogs, Facebook, websites, etc. It is nothing but code that you put on a page. The code directs all the inner workings of the store to the Ecwid website. 

I am using this blog to grow my store and see it work. I have about 54 items done, the categories and shipping done. Next, I need to set up the payment platform. It should be as easy as the rest. It has a whole slew of payment options that the seller can choose from.

Other than an emergency home repair, that is what I've been doing. At first, it was slow going, but now that I know the ropes, it is moving along nicely.

Why am I boring you with this??? Because it's so easy to do, you can do it, too. Why not? Even if this is just a hobby for you, if you have a blog, put your things on it. The store is indexed by search engines, so you have nothing to lose and potential sales to win. :)

(And, no, I haven't forgotten that I am late on the last installment of the stone series.)


  1. Tela, This is exciting. I can't wait to see your store. It is also great to hear it is doable and gives me pause to think I may be able to do it. I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you!!

  2. Tela, I cant wait to see your store. I have a list of wants before I have even seen what you have! I am not sure if you are intending to ship internationally yet. ( Fingers crossed )
    Is the store easy to set up for some one with very little computer knowledge?

  3. I'm excited to see your store too!! Very interested in Ecwid, thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes :)

    Las- I am working on doing international shipping. It has been the only part of the store that is confusing. Other than that, it is very easy to use and the help is good. It's basically just cut and paste.


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