Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. For everyone else, I hope you all have a great weekend, too!

I've been working tirelessly to open my store. I never would have guessed that this would take so long and be so much work! I'm close enough to take a break and work on the late last part of my stone series this holiday weekend. I'll be too full tomorrow and I'll be giving thanks for the many blessings I've had through the year.

Gone to a new home.

Here's a piece I found when getting my things ready for the store. I made it awhile ago and had to change it up a bit. I like the improvement a lot better. This is petrified wood.


  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! Probably my new favourite design of yours. Love the slightly untamed ethnic look combined with your trademark perfect craftmanship.
    Have a great Thanksgiving! ;-)

  2. I'm sooooo glad you said that!!! Thank you! I was really on the fence with this. It's so different. I made it a while ago- didn't like it- put it aside and came back to it later. After a fresh approach and a tweak, I like it a lot better, but wasn't sure what anyone else would think.

  3. This is an incredible piece! The wrap is unique with a very cool look about it. As always, it is very well done!
    Belated Happy Thanksgiving. After wonderful time with family, I feel very blessed!

  4. Hi again Christine :) I'm glad you had some good family time, I did, too. Yesterday was my birthday and the whole gang was here helping me celebrate. I am so tired today. We did a lot of dancing and carrying on and I think my age is showing because today I'm wiped out! LOL!

    Glad you like the piece- it grew on me.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! You can't be but so old if you are dancing and celebrating!! Good for you. May this new year be full of love, wonder, joy and peace.


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