Monday, November 7, 2011

Some Updates

First, let me thank everyone who has come over to visit and register with the new forum- Jewelry Makers Forum or as we like to call it, JMF. I see lots of familiar "faces" and some new ones, too. It's a great beginning!!

I have been sharing some Gimp and Photoshop instructions and Susan is working on a tute for the rolling mill. As some of you may have noticed, there isn't much to be found about mill work online. I am really looking forward to her instructions. A mill isn't a purchase in my near future, but I am anxious to see how it works. I admire so much mill work! :) Speaking of which, pop over to see Susan's new piece, it's ssssssssensational! It really goes to show what you can do with a mill and wire.

As much as I hate to do it, I am going to start selling my jewelry. With a full house now, I spend my hobby money on necessities- at least for the time being- so, if I want to keep splurging on my passions, I'll have to support my habit in other ways, like by selling my jewelry.  It'll be real hard to part with some of them :( I'm looking to selling online. Doing shows and home parties is not practicable for me. For days now, I have been trying to get all my pieces organized, photographed and edited with my new font. I haven't made a single piece of jewelry and I'm jonesing to do some. I'll probably need the break soon because after about 105 pieces of jewelry and 50 or so left, not counting rings and earrings, I'm loosing my mind.

When I began the series "What I look for in a stone" I envisioned 6 installments. Five are now completed, there is one left- Cost. I'll be working on that this week.


  1. The world just got a little bit better!! Why Just thinking about seeing someone walking down the street with a Tela Formosa's original piece of art draped across their neck is awesome. I am thrilled and look forward to seeing this website when you are done with your editing, Tela. Keep up the good work!!

    Tela, your instructions on Photoshop have been very helpful to me and have helped me to take my jewelry to the next level.

    Thank you for posting the link to the snake necklace that I made. I keep him in a box at night so that he doesn't fang anyone while they sleep.


  2. Hey Tela, JMF does have a great beginning! Thank you again for all of the effort and energy you have been putting into the site. The photography information is invaluable.
    I too am looking forward to Susan's rolling mill info. To learn she rolled snake skin amazed me or as Suzi our Aussie friend would say, or two words?? It is a great piece.

    Selling,provides for extras and is the way I support my jewelry habit. It is difficult to let labors of love go yet it is wonderful when someone feels that energy and decides to purchase a piece. I look forward to seeing the website and the next piece when you are able to create.

  3. Hi,
    I must have missed the info on JMF. I just bookmarked the site and will join when I have a chance. Is this something of your creation? What's the scoop?

  4. Susan, I'm sure your piece is quite popular as awesome as it is! I like to think of him as giving love bites :)

  5. Christine, yes, it's hard to let go of some pieces, but even harder just to sell them. Believe it or not, I find self promotion difficult. I'm not what you call a born salesperson :(

    Yes, JMF is growing slowly and steadily which is what we hoped for. I'll be doing some more special projects when I get the time. Hopefully we'll have a lot of participation. That's what will make it a real sharing environment. The addition of Susan's show and tell will be awesome!

  6. Hi Lois! The JMF forum was begun by Renate and then we teamed up to launch it and asked a few friends to help us flesh it out before we started spreading the word. It's pretty much ready for primetime now. We'll make some minor changes as we go, but what we are aiming for is a place to explore creativity, be inspired and learn.

    Here's a link to the first post about it.

    We'll feel honored to have you come aboard. :)

  7. TelaT, I too hate self promotion. It is much easier when I know who the piece is going to. Most of my pieces go out to galleries or exhibits so I don't ever have the personal contact with the buyer. Still debating an online presence.

    You will find the $$$ will come in handy to reinvest in yourself and your family.

  8. Hi Tela

    Good luck with the jewelry sales. I used to hate selling my jewelry but found it very rewarding when someone loves a piece and comes back for more. Somehow, I find that it validates me as an artist and gives me more reason to create (strange as that seems). Anyway, if I didn't sell some, I'd be drowning in it.

  9. Christine, I know it doesn't seem like it, but I'm not a people person. I'm quite shy actually or I would love to approach galleries or boutiques. Maybe, once my online presence is up and running, I can send out links to local galleries and the like.

  10. Hi Zoraida, I love your name by the way. Is it Greek?

    Thank you for your well wishes :)I used to sell on eBay, but it has been so long now. I'm actually a little scared of it, now. I mean, I envision selling something and having an unhappy customer- there goes that self doubt again- ARGH!

    I just found your blog to follow via your name link. I'm stalking you now! LOL! I really enjoy your work and can usually spot it on CWJ straight off.

  11. I think sending links out is a great idea. Except for a neighborhood gallery, all my work is mailed out as I can't get out to make contacts but have done so through online juries.

    Good Luck and I am excited about your website.


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