Friday, December 9, 2011

Peruvian Gel Rhodochrosite

I finished this today. I'm so happy with how it turned out, I wanted to post it right away.

I tried to put this on my Facebook Fanpage. After about an hour, I gave up trying. It seems Friday evening is a bad time to try to upload pictures. I'm still learning the FB ropes. One thing I was told is that if I get 25 likes, I'll get a shorter URL. Will you visit and like me? (I'm smiling while typing this because, really, I sound like I am in kindergarten- I doubt I'll ever get used to FB. :) ) I promise, I'll try to visit everyone and like you, too. I might be slow, but I'll do it. I think I have that much of FB figured out now. Sorry, do I sound frustrated?? LOL! OK, yes, FB frustrates me, but I am learning.

Back to the Rhodo.....

This is a reddish, pink- darker gel rhodochrosite from Peru. Looks way different than the Argentinian variety, doesn't it?? This is much darker and very translucent. I tried my best to get a good picture of the translucency.

I originally tried to do this wrap in stainless steel. I had so much trouble with it that it went in the trash. The bundle is 6 wires thick. That was way too much for my hands with the steel. Too bad, it would have looked nice. Copper saved the day- it's plenty strong enough and gentler on the hands and looks great especially with this color.


Lois featured the Jelly Bean Jasper piece from my last post on her site, Copper Wire Jewelers. :) Thank you, Lois!


  1. Wow!! Tela, This is outstanding. I didn't know there was Peruvian Rhodochrosite and what a beauty it is, the color and the translucency make you smile at the gifts from Mother Nature. I can see where a stainless wrap would have been attractive but the copper looks great with the stone and we do have to be gentle with our hands. This may be my new favorite wrap. You continue to amaze and inspire!

  2. Good morning, Christine :) Thank you- if this is one of your favs then I know I am doing something right. :D

  3. What an amazing design! The stone looks like a mysterious liquid. This, and flacon or bottle shape reminds me of a perfume bottle. I'm trying to imagine the scent. Let's see... lilies, cinnamon, strawberries and some exotic fruits ;-)
    Gorgeous stone and perfect wrap as always.

  4. What a beautiful design! I really love the loops at the end. They look just stunning as they are, but they also open up a lot of other possibilities for design... like dangles. You could even use two stones and make a multi-strand necklace!

  5. There are so many gorgeous pieces on the site it's hard to pick the ones to feature but this one was an easy pick!! Love the stone and the wrap.
    (your biggest fan, )

  6. OOOOO Renate, I simply love the way you described this- I can almost smell it. Thanks!

  7. Hi Sarah, Yup, I thought of that when I was done and decided to try it on the next one. I like to leave things be as much as possible, but I'm not adverse to danglies. :)

  8. Hi Lois! You really made my day when you featured the jasper. I thought it was nice, but I didn't know if anyone else would. :)


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