Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time To Play Catch Up!

Aside from working on the last installment of my stones series (which will be done soon), I have been playing catch up on a bunch of things. Since making the exclusive time to open my boutique, I have gotten behind on everything. Of course, housework would be number one. Yes, there are plenty of people in the house now to share the load, but some things are best done by a woman. Sexist? Well, yes. I learned years ago not to let an adult male touch the washer! Then there is the stack of jewelry that I have had to go through. A lot of things are not going to make it into the store. I have piles- one each for daughters, one for my darling granddaughter, one for repair/refine and one for scrapping altogether. Then there is a stack to go over and get ready for listing. I have learned the hard way to go over each piece with a fine tooth comb before listing it for sale.

In between the catch up chores, I've been able to make a few pieces of jewelry and even had some practice with stainless steel wire, like with this Dumorturite. Stainless steel is tough to work, but I really like the look.

Unisex Slate Blue Exotic African Dumortierite Stainless Steel Handcrafted Pendant
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Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on a new piece with one of the biggest stones I've ever wrapped. What I find interesting, is that my dear husband really likes this piece a lot. He often likes my work and is very encouraging, but this Mexican Jellybean Jasper really caught his eye. He says it seems Italian to him and that the colors remind him of worn alfresco paintings. I love when he is inspired by a rock! :)

BIG Statement Jelly Bean Jasper Sunbaked Colors Handmade Necklace
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After these pictures were taken, I added a nicer clasp of hammered 14g wire with a great patina and made it a little longer. It is 22 inches. The beads are each 16mm worked with 18g to give you an idea of the size of this. The stone is about 60mm long or about 2 1/2 inches. The setting did a good job in minimizing the size a little, I think.

In my recent order from Rio Grande, I got a brass brush that Mary Tucker recommended here on her blog. It made the job of rubbing down the patina on the Jellybean piece a lot easier to do. I was not looking forward to doing all those beads, but the brush made quick work of it and I love the job that it did. I used it on sterling silver, too. I used sterling to finish a stunning pink and purple Tiffany Stone. Because the stone is so incredible, I wanted nothing on the face of it. Instead, I added some detail to the sides with twisted wire and gave it a patina. The brush worked like a charm on the sterling, too.

Gone to a new home :)

To round this post out and bring it to a meandering close, I share with you- Cat- who has been a constant (sometimes irritating) companion. He has had a belly ache for the last few days. When he doesn't feel good, he is a big baby and has to be right next to me so I can hear him moaning and groaning like an old man. Poor guy.... I don't have the heart to move him.


  1. Beautiful pieces! I have to say, I'm in love with the jellybean jasper.

    Also, way to go, working with steel!

  2. The stream-line look of the stainless steel and the Dumorturite (must admit I've never heard of this one) is exceptional!! You have an eye for creating a well balanced pendant. How are your fingers from working with that steel?


  3. Hey Tela,
    Once again, you have posted some beautiful pieces. The jelly bean jasper captures the eye and won't let go. Placing the coins by it was a good way to show the scale of the stone. You would not guess how big it is.
    The Tiffany stone is gorgeous with striations of my favorite colors. The Dumoturite is such a vivid blue. Your wrapping enhances each stone, letting the stone be the star.

    Hope Cat is feeling better.

  4. Thanks Sarah! The jasper seems to be a hit. Lois featured it on her Copper Wire Jeweler site, too. :D YAY!

  5. Susan, I tell ya- my fingers were ok after that piece, but I tried another much more complicated one and had to trash it after I messed it up too many times and my fingers gave up. :(

  6. Christine, whenever I have a bad day, all I need do is read your comments to cheer me up. I have those days when a pep talk is in tall order. :)

    Cat's belly was so swollen with gas you could pop him with a pin. I don't know what he got into, but he was stickin' and hurtin'! Poor thing... thankfully, he is much better now.

  7. Poor Cat, I was really concerned for him! I'm so glad he's better now. Please give him a hug. ;-)

    Oh, hm, yes, the stones. Amazing colours and pattern. Love the light blue beads together with the "worn alfresco painting" - a very apt description. Gorgeous as the jellybean jasper is, I like the pink-purple triangle even better.

  8. Renate, you make me, ummm, laugh.
    Cat's latest thing is he got in a fight and got his ear torn a little. This time, he may have to see the vet. It's infected. :( I so wish I could keep him in the house.


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