Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I was planning to start blogging again tomorrow, on a Monday, but I am anxious to get back to the blog. I have been on home vacation with my husband. The kids have all been home, too. It's been great, but I'm ready to get back to a schedule.

So, any New Year's Resolutions? My resolutions? Get healthier, number one. Manage time more wisely, secondly. And last, keep trying new jewelry techniques. I looked at my last years resolution on JL and found that I was a pretty good girl, with a few exceptions. This year, I am not so ambitious as I was last year.

I have already begun learning a new technique, though. I got a new, bigger, torch and started melting metal. Not too much, though, as it makes the kids nervous. I am waiting for them to go back to school to do some more. However, here's a few things I have done.

Fused copper:  The hummingbird(?) was fused at the beak, tail and wing tip.

Another fused copper hummingbird finished with beads.

And, here's a reason why you should not be in a rush and be careless. I used a heavy ceramic pizza stone under some silver to be fused with a microtorch. The heat transferred straight to my kitchen table. Come to think of it.... maybe that's why the kids are nervous.

I am preparing myself to start another technique. I am VERY excited about it, but that will be a future blog post.


My brother and sister in law vacationed at the beach for Christmas. They took time from their vacation to scour the souvenir bins to find me these wonderful treats for Christmas. I think my brother in law is developing a great eye for jewelry. ;) Can't wait to play with them. I doubt I can use the starfish as they are rather soft, but the others set my mind racing with ideas. Pretty cool! Awesome gift, guys, thanks! :)

Believe it or not, I have never wrapped a shark's tooth!

Love these!!

I hope you all had a great holiday! I wish you all a healthy, happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year!


  1. Hey Tela,
    Happy to see you back on the blog! Your new pieces are full of life. They inspire me to get my torch back out and start playing with it again. Mine is a mini one but works for me.

    Time with family is wonderful and restorative. Looks like you received some beautiful treats from the sea to work with. I look forward to your next creation.

  2. Hi Christine and thanks :) I have a mini torch, too and it is good for the smaller gauges, but with the new one, I can melt lots of 18g at a time.

  3. I'm totally in love with your fused copper designs. What an awesome idea!

    I work with a tiny little butane torch, so I've never burned the surface underneath my firing block (not hot enough, I guess) but I have come close to setting bees on fire. I work in the garage, they get curious.... It's such a pain, waiting for them to get bored and move on. ;)

  4. Thanks, Sarah :) Yes, the forms really get my gears going.

    When I was lampworking in the shed, I attracted wasps and had to wait for them to figure out that fire is bad. :) Luckily, they didn't pay any attention to me.

    My problem with the table was that I concentrated the heat on one spot for too long because I couldn't get the silver to melt. When I moved the tile, I found the unpleasant surprise.

  5. The fusing looks so well done!! I have never tried to fuse copper. Just straight heat alone?

  6. Hi Mary, Let me tell you, I had no idea it could be done as I haven't heard anyone talking about it. But, I tried it and it worked. I'm still experimenting and not every effort is successful. I have melted through more than one joint. The trick is the angle to the propane flame. I suspect it would be helpful to have a fine tip torch, too. Mine isn't a big bushy torch. Here it is, I did not use flux, just heat.

  7. Bummer about the the tabletop...stone is a good conductor of heat. Fiberglas mat has about 1/20 the thermal conductivity (double some up and place under the stone). Glad you like the shells :)

  8. :) Eric, always thinking.... Actually, I was just trying to use what I had on hand till I could get a proper fire brick. Which I did. The fire/kiln brick is AWESOME!!! Makes me want to melt more metal.


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