Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Melting

Melting metal is so much fun! I have decided to invest in a few more things to help me along the path.

My brother in law and sister in law have 2 hummingbird feeders right outside their glassdoors. I love to sit and watch them when I am visiting. They are amazing and seem to defy all the laws of nature. They are improbable. There are many ruby throated beauties coming to the brightly colored feeders. When I am real lucky, I get a chance to see a few males vying for position. They are quite territorial and aggressive. They remind me of angry tinkerbells.

Anyway, while playing with the hummingbird forms, I had an idea to make a large form and to net it with crystals to hang in front of the window in the hopes of attracting more of the tiny birds. So, I made one which is actually larger than a real one. It has bright, sparkly green and red crystals and one black onyx eye. The form was fused closed at the belly. The beak and tail were fused and filed to shape. It is 5.5in wide - 14cm and 3.25in - 8.5cm long. The pictures I took do it no justice, at all. This is really beautiful with the crystals and hangs as if the bird is feeding in flight. I kept the best picture to post here, but you will have to imagine it hanging in a sunny window to get a full idea of what it looks like.

Everything that could go wrong with this did. This is the forth form I tried. I melted through the others in one way or another. I got a lot of practice with fusing! 
Next, the new package of 24g copper wire I opened seemed to be a little less than the soft it was supposed to be and broke three times. I've never had such a problem with netting! By the forth aggravating time, I decided to nip the problem in the bud and anneal problem spots with a cigarette lighter. It worked a charm. It's the first time I tried it. It didn't take much heat on a 24g wire and it didn't discolor much, either. I literally watched for the wire to relax and then removed the heat. You can't tell where I have done it. Learned something new.

I hope my bil/sil don't read this before they get it in the mail. If you do read this- the package is in the mail :)


  1. Striking, Tela!! Everything about this pretty little humming bird resonates with me; from the nicely formed frame, to the tidy wire netting to the placement of your crystals, which all give the eye a sort of Pointillism vantage point. Two thumbs up!!


  2. Thank you, ladies :)

    Susan, you made me smile! I attempted a Pointillist painting once and it was an absolute failure-- glad this is better!

  3. What a beautiful hummingbird! You did such a spectacular job. :)

  4. Tela, You have captured the grace and beauty of the hummingbird. They provide so much entertainment. It amazes me how you can hear the buzz of their tiny wings or how they will stop midflight to look at you. You have inspired me to get my torch out!
    Your family will be thrilled!

  5. Thank you, Sarah- as bright, colorful and sparkly as this it makes me think of you and sequins. :)

    Christine, they are amazing little creatures aren't they? As my grand daughter would say, "They are magical."

    I hope you post your next torch project. :)


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