Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm So Excited!! (and nervous...)

...And the winner is.... Joyce! She had to email me because she is having problems posting comments, but she had the right answers and techno problems are beyond her control. Here is what she said: 
The stone in your pic is a Variscite from Utah, made with your Unisex Border Frame Pendant
Congratulations! Yay!

No matter how many pictures I take of this stone, none ever look quite as lovely and serene as it is in person.
UPDATE: We have 3 almost winners, so far. Susan, you are half right, you forgot the stone and Christine, you got the wrap right and the stone wrong :( I don't know what in the world happened to your comment. It disappeared!) Donna, post it here and you may be the winner. LOL!

I'll throw in a free copy of my next tute, whenever and whatever that will be. I'll do my best to remember, but you may feel absolutely fine reminding me when it comes out. I won't mind, at all. (My memory is fuzzier every year. LOL!)
Hello, my dear friends and readers. :) I have some news that I am pretty excited about. I'm really not sure the best way to go about saying it, because I have never done this before.

I have been wanting to do something fun and different on my blog, something that will be fun for the readers. I found an interesting site that offers to run contests on your blog. The idea is to award points for interacting on the blog. Every time you comment or click links or fill anything out, you get points. At the end of a set period, the reader with the most points, gets a prize. I can go with a prize of my own or one of theirs. I have decided to offer a very special piece of jewelry.

Let me tell you something about this piece and give you a pictorial hint:

Back in 2008, I bought a book on wire jewelry for eye candy- something to keep my creative juices in gear since I wasn't making any new jewelry. Not to get too personal, but I took care of my Dad in his last few years and had to give up my jewelry. His death knocked me for a loop and I couldn't create for several years. Finally, I started to come out of my shell and found JL ( again where I had registered and forgotten about it, back in 2008, after finding Eni's work in that book I mentioned.

In August 2010, I started contributing at JL and found to my amazement that people were interested in my work. It encouraged me more than you will know, because I was still reeling from my loss. I began to actually have fun and I was "meeting" other jewelry people! My desire to work wire came back.

I came out of my funk and began living and creating again. Meeting like minded people, has meant the world to me. We all share the same jewelry joys and woes. No matter what else is going on in our lives, we have that one special corner where nothing is allowed in unless we let it. What ever issues are making us nuts, we can still dish about cabs and beads. It helps keep us healthy, happy people.

There is one piece, in particular, that represents for me the joy in creating. It is a calm, beautiful stone in what turned out to be a very popular setting. I had thought that I was going to keep it for myself, but I really want it to go to someone else. But, it is so special to me that I don't want to sell it. I want for one of my readers to have it and to know what it represents in hopes that they, too, will find some meaning in it for themselves. When I see it, I am reminded of what making jewelery means to me. But, more importantly, what it has done for me. It reminds me of healing and of friendship. It reminds me of how unsure I was of myself and how I was encouraged by others to continue honing my skills and refining my style. It is one of the first pieces I did after my "comeback" that I felt really comfortable with sharing and so, now, I want to share it again with one lucky person.

Was that too much? It feels like it was. I didn't mean to get too personal, but I want everyone to know that this is not simply a beautiful piece of jewelry.

On the March 1st, (Thurs.), when you come to my blog, you will see the contest installed and I'll tell you more about it. It will run for 2 weeks. I will be responsible for mailing the winner the prize.

I have a few more things in store coming up, too. :) More on that in the coming weeks.

Ok, ready for the hint? Here's a small bit of the piece that will be the prize.

 If you are a member of JL you can find it there. If you aren't, it's free to register. I'll email a tutorial of your choice to the first person who names the stone and wrap in the comment section.  :)


  1. Tela, would that be your fabulous Unisex Border Frame Pendant? Whether I am right or wrong on this, I still love this pendant! I will be awaiting the announcement of the contest for your special pendant give away.

  2. I love your idea. I bet Christine wins this contest hands down! :)

  3. I think Susan gets the prize! This is a wonderful tutorial. I bought it and used it to make a necklace with red creek jasper. (It's posted on under the tutorial's student gallery).

  4. Tela, This is a wonderful idea. When you share with us, your readers and friends are blessed! This is your Unisex Border tutorial with a mossy green agate. Hmmm...does Mary think I comment too much??

    1. Who cares what Maaaary thinks???? I don't think you do! :)

  5. This is a green moss agate in the Border Frame Pendant wrap.

    cyn_texas at

    (just in case there is a third place prize lol)

  6. Tela, how exciting! I love the pendant. :)

    It's so hard to lose a parent -- my father passed away last summer after a long illness, and I'm still adjusting. I'm really happy that jewelry making was so therapeutic for you! It's been that way for me, too, along with sharing Dirty Old Man stories about my father.


    1. Hi Sarah, Sorry about your dad. It is so hard isn't it? I never thought it would be this way. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and yes, we have lots of stories about him, too. :) He was odd, but a really great guy. ((HUGS))

  7. Hi Tela, The stone in your pendant is a Variscite from Utah, it is in the Unisex Border Frame Pendant, your jewelry is awesome!!

    1. Hi Rita! You are right!!! Unfortunately, Joyce already won it. :( But, thanks for guessing (correctly). :)

  8. Tela, I have always loved your Unisex Border Frame! The stone is beautiful variscite. You know how much I love everything you post. It's always so beautiful! I know how hard it can be to lose someone, and how hard it can be to nearly force yourself to go on with every day. There are always good days and not so good days. Your jewelry is beautiful, and something to be very proud of. If it helps you get through a day that is even better.

    I see this contest is over. I just wanted to let you know, I haven't forgotten you or anyone. Just school and life keep be so busy sometimes. Keep making beautiful things. I am a bit jealous of Joyce though! ;) LOL

    Shae :)

    1. Hi Shae! :) Long time no see. I know you are working hard. I hope school is going well for you. I also hope you get a chance to pop in a read this. I'm sorry I was so long in responding, sometimes blogger doesn't get the messages to me.

      Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, I suppose any artform is therapeutic. I know wirewrapping is for me and when I can't do it, I miss it terribly.

  9. Tela, I couldn't read your blog without a tear rolling down my face. Not because of your loss, although I can relate to that too. I experienced the loss of my son. But because of the joy I feel when I read this knowing how special you are and all the people at JL. I have always admired your work, and now I know a little about you. You have a good heart. We may never meet face to face (although I hope someday we will), but I feel like we share a common bond nontheless. Whoever said jewelry was shameful vanity doesn't understand the ministry it leads us to.
    Jan :)

    1. Wow, Jan, that was so touching- you gave me a tear. :) It's nice to know that others feel the same way about the community we belong to. I know there are plenty of men, but it seems they are quiet for the most part and being women, well, we are emotional creatures. Even though I feel like I get too personal and emotional sometimes, I think most people can relate. I'm really glad you liked my post and that it gave you a chance to reflect on what others have meant to us on our journeys.

      I feel the same way about you, too. :)


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