Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A long time ago, I did a wrap that was really crazy unusual. I picked up another stone to work on and again thought of that wrap. It would so suit the stone. That new stone is a rare, Tabu Tabu, red brecciated jasper from Africa. I'm a huge fan of red jasper- any red stone really, especially since they are so hard to come by. This red is not the muddy red you so often see. It is more like a bright brick red without the muddy look. It looks like someone smashed a brand new red brick and cemented it back together- LOVE IT! My understanding is that the true Tabu jasper is getting real difficult to find. I think what sets this apart from other brecciated jasper is the chunky look and red color. This cab, although it doesn't look it, is perfectly smooth with a glassy finish.

Here is the first wrap. I had sold this piece only to realize before mailing it that it was cracked. I had never noticed the crack before then. It may have been a sealed fracture that I had previously missed, which would have been fine, but I didn't want to take that chance. I gave the purchaser her choice of an item worth 20.00 more than she paid, just to compensate for her trouble and disappointment. I don't know who felt worse, actually. In the end, she was happy with the replacement and I was happy I caught the problem before mailing it.

Here is the new one. This stone is much larger. It is 30x40mm. Another good thing about this wrap, on this stone, is that it breaks up the large oval, which, as you know, I'm not too fond of. As you see, the wrap is essentially the same. I don't duplicate wraps very often, but this needed to be done. I like how the wrap continues the brecciated, irregular look.

Rare Red African Tabu Tabu Jasper Handmade Designer Unique Necklace
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Can you think of any more red stones? Other than ammolite, I'm drawing blanks.


  1. I really like that wrap! It's unusual and funky.

    I wish I could think of another red stone. The really, really red ones I've seen have all been (poorly) dyed.

    1. Thanks Sarah- funky is a good term for it.

      I avoid dyed stones like the plague when I know they are dyed. So much of it is, though.

  2. Carnelian is another red stone--although some might call it more orange and a lot of it is dyed/treated.

    We have a lovely agate locally in north Alabama & middle Tennessee called Paint Rock Agate. Most stones have red in them--anywhere from burgundy to dark orange with white, clear, and mustard yellow. I've seen some stones that are predominately dark red and some that are predominately mustard or clear with red streaks. It's hard to get--the local rockhounds that go get it want a lot of money for a piece of rough and a fortune for a nice slab--if they will part with it.

    I did acquire a small piece of rough that is deep red and shows some of the mustard yellow streaks. The guy who helped me cut it said he thought it might be Paint Rock Can't wait to slab the rest of it to see if I get anything worthwhile. The most beautiful cabs are have waves of intense color that look almost like they are suspended in glass when polished. It's hard and polishes like a mirror.

    He's a pretty mostly red cab:

    Here is a link to some pictures of slabs and rough.

    Enter "Paint Rock Agate" in Google Images and you can see the wide variety of color combinations.

    1. Awesome!!!! Thank you so much! You know, of course, that I had to run and check the links and google image search. I had not heard of this before. It's gorgeous!!! It reminds me of so many different stones, but has a look all it's own. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some.

      I have been having lots of fun hanging out online with some lapidary folks. I'm learning a lot and getting some great deals. Hopefully, I won't be sick again for the next gem club meet.

      I have a seriously awesome bruneau jasper with minute scratches that one of the gem dudes is going to polish for me. I'm so excited about it. I really think I missed my calling... I should be cutting rocks. (I say that too often.) One day I will do it....

      Thanks again :)

  3. I love brecciated jasper, and yours is gorgeous!

    Red stones... what about moukaite? Usually it comes in yellow or mustard or beige, nice but not my colours. But when it comes in red, it's a lovely deep warm brown-red or a soft purple. I also love the feel of moukaite, it's bit ... soapy, for lack of a better word. Not sure without backchecking, but I think it is also a kind of jasper?
    Come to think of it, I've never seen a moukaite among your pictures - is there a particular reason?

    1. Mookaite- I almost forgot about that one. I do have some yellow mookaite. The problem is I haven't been able to get my hands on any of the ones that really trip my trigger. Someone always beats me out. I agree, they are gorgeous. :)


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