Monday, May 7, 2012

Must be Spring

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. You ever have one of those weekends that felt like eternal Spring- even in the dead of Winter? That's what it was like. Maybe, it was just my mood. :) I devoted a lot of time to jewelry and didn't let any other issues cloud my enthusiasm. Not even the kids' bickering and the thought of the web work, which I still need to finish, dampened my spirit. I'd love to say that I finished up 3 of the best pieces that I've ever done, but, nope I didn't. I think I only completed one. But, I got organized. I played with my rocks, I went through my bead stash, I fine tuned some older pieces and made tons of earwires. I was ever so happy doing it. I feel like I accomplished something very important, though truth is, I didn't. Anyway, that was my weekend.

The last pendant I posted was cut by the woman, Susan, whom I've been sharing rocks and wraps with. I asked her if she would like me to pass on her email address and she said, sure. If you would like to talk to her about checking out her cabs her email is  susand24224 (at) yahoo (dot) com . Just turn that into an email address. She doesn't have a store and is a hobbyist, at this point, just like most of us. She is fairly new to cutting, but she has a good eye for it. You can see that for yourself by my posts with her stones. :)

Here are a few more she cut.

Imperial Jasper

Petrified Wood

The piece that I finished this weekend was probably the most unique and challenging to do that I've done, to date. The story behind this stone:  I was looking at a forum where a guy was posting some rocks that he cut by hand. He is primarily a carver of stone, but these were cabs that he cut. They were all humungous with really awesome, unique shapes. I commented that the stone pictured below was calling my name and wanted me to wrap it. I was only half kidding. Lo and behold, he contacted me and wanted to send it to me. How awesome is that?? That was so nice of him. I'm always amazed when perfect strangers are so willing to reach out with kindness and generosity. It restores some of my faith in humanity, which has taken a hit in the last 10 years or so- but enough of that talk....    

He sent three big, beautiful rocks all the way from Hong Kong where he resides. One, I wrapped right away. It was an experiment gone wrong. I tried to do it completely off the cuff, with no idea where I was going. I wanted to try to channel the artist. I think the wrap did a good job with that, but as a lark- I beat the hell out of the wire, to distress it, before I used it. I took a bastard file to it, a hammer, a chisel you name it. It was really distressed 18g wire. As cool as the wire looked, and it did, it didn't really work once it was transformed into a wrap. 

You're curious aren't you?? Nope, ain't gonna show it. :) But, here is the one that I will share. It is done with pattern wire and I am leaving it raw to age naturally. This is Bruneau Jasper. The stone has a chiseled edge on the bottom.

LOL! I guess, I'm pretty chatty today- go figure, Spring must be in the air. :) Thanks for reading. 


  1. Hiya Tela,

    It must have been the weekend for it, organising I mean. And I'm not sure it's a spring thing cos in my part of the world it's autumn.

    I spent the whole of Sunday arvo re-arranging my workspace, getting rid of all the things no longer needed or re-usable and making changes to how and where I keep my wire and tools. It was sooooo rewarding. I didn't have the chance to bend any wire but my fingers itched the whole time, lol!

    Your wraps, as always, are a delight to the eye. My fave is the Imperial Jasper, very smooth!



    1. Isn't that strange? Great minds think alike, as they say. :) Every so often, we have to do these things. It's nice to do when we want to, though, not when we are forced to. LOL! It does feel very productive doesn't it?

  2. Hey Tela!! Wow, the Imperial Jasper is wrapped like Yin and Yang; something dear to my heart. This wrap and the stone are esthetically calming.

    And the Bruneau Jasper...lets just say that you were very brave to take on such a stone shape to wrap. Love the criss cross bail. You are amazing, Tela!!

    As always your posts about your cabs always educate me on various stones.

    Keep having a "spring time" week.


    1. Hi there Susan, I'm glad you like the Imperial jasper. I always think of you when it comes to ying yang. You've mentioned it before. :) I find the concept all encompassing and intriguing. You should do a blog on it. ;) I'd love to read it.

      So far, my week really has been Springy. Can't complain, at all. :) Hope you are, too. :)

  3. As with Vicki F...our muses must have convinced all of us to organize our work areas before creating. I have had four big sales since January, and after all of them I have just unpacked and stacked (meaning piled!) everything on my workbench and shelves. I couldn't find the one thing I was looking for yesterday and that triggered hours of organizing just to find it (but I did find it!). Now that I am looking at a clear, organized workbench I am wondering how I let it get so bad? That has to be a priority now that my sales season is over until the keep it this way!

    I can't even imagine tackling a difficult piece like that last stone, much less achieving anywhere near the results you have. I don't think I have ever noticed a criss cross bail...very beautiful.

    1. Hey Susan- it's really funny that the 3 of us all did this at the same time. What are the odds? It's nice to have it done. Once things are in better order, I find I can work easier- not just physically, but mentally. It's nice to be able to reach for something and know that it will be there. :)

      The criss cross bail is not original to me. I've seen it before but it has been years since I made one last. :) Seemed to work for this piece.

  4. Wow, how awesome that he sent you those stones! The generosity of some people astonishes and amazes me -- and yes, definitely restores some of my faith in people.

    A very nice person is sending me a present by mail, too. I'm really excited! It's special backing for bead embroidery. :)

  5. Sweet! That's awesome. It really is fun to get those special surprises. I knew about the one stone I was getting but not about the other two. It was really cool.


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