Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Two With My New Man

First off, before I forget- I have a picture of that cool face in the stone that I talked about last post. I had forgotten that I took a picture of it before it was cut. I inadvertently made it an "ugly stone" but it didn't start out that way.

See the face in the corner? Or, maybe skull?
I should have known better than to try to cut that.

Today was day two with Gene, which I am now calling him. (He is definitely not a she. Too much horsepower.) He's the new man in my life. The weird thing is DH doesn't seem to mind. That's good cause we're spending an awful lot of time together.

I have counted the number of cabs that I have worked to date. 10. Yes, 10. Today, on cab number 10, another plume agate, I had an epiphany. It all started to make sense and come together for me. Mind you, that only means that I can now pretend to know what I am doing. I'm still eons away from being accomplished, by any measure, but I do feel as if I am on the right track.

To recap, I have done the 2 Outback jasper with Randy. I did the tiger iron, also with Randy's help. I did the 2 graveyard plume agates, to break Gene in, and the tornado jasper yesterday. Today, I did a special red jasper, a green jasper/agate, an Oregon jasper and the last, number 10, plume agate.

A piece of Red Jasper from Washington State

Here it is all finished

This shined up beautifully!

There is a story behind this stone. I rock friend Susan, whom I mentioned before, and I were discussing how there aren't many really red stones. She found this in her stash and sent it to me. So, I am going to wrap this up and send it back. :) (Hope she isn't reading this.)

This one worked up beautifully and has a shine even better than the agates. Unfortunately, at the next to the last wheel (1200 grit) some tiny little pits started to show. They are barely noticeable, though. Still, I am most pleased with this.

I finished the green jasper/agate, too.


This is a good example of before and after. I lost the curvy sides and the coloration changed as I sanded down the face or "got into the rock". It became a kite. This was tough to polish well because the material is of different harnesses.

I did an unnamed Oregon Jasper. I have a slab of this pretty stuff and was dying to try it out. It took a beautiful shine.

And, here is my last stone for the day, I'm calling it "Number 10" Plume Agate. :) This went like clockwork. It cabbed up real quick and took an awesome polish.

Maybe, I should have turned that around. It would probably look better that way. :) There was a tiny vug (a natural void) in the stone that wasn't evident before I began to grind. It is small and on the bezel, so I will be able to cover it when I use it.

My mailman (yes, he's a man) brought more boxes for me today. I think of him as Santa now. :) I got lots of yummy slabs and a special, special treat.

Natural Willow Creek Jasper Heart
I was looking for willlow creek jasper on eBay and this came up in the search. It was in a section with framed things because this is actually in a frame. No rock junkies saw it, so I got it for 5.00. Yup. How cool is that??? What a nice way to end the day and this post. ;)

On second thought, I'll end with this question- Should I try to cab the 23mm heart or leave it in the frame as it is?


  1. Wow Tela! You are on a roll. It is exciting to follow your journey with your new man. The pieces you have finished are beautiful in their shapes and shines. I say go for it with the jasper heart as you seem to be on a roll!

  2. I forgot to add, keep the stories coming!!

    1. Thank you, Christine! I posted the heart at a rock forum and discovered something that I knew and forgot to consider. I took the heart out of the frame and the heart doesn't go all the way through the stone. I have an idea, though. If I try it, I'll tell the story about it. :)

  3. OMG, Tela! I can't believe how beautiful the stones look. I think you need to make something with that jasper. I, also look forward to your adventures. You have become my hero and inspiration!

    1. Kate, I am sooo glad to hear I inspire you! If I can help you out of your slump, then writing these was worth it. :)

      I'm going to wrap a couple of these today or tonight. I'll post them when I'm done.

  4. Wow beautiful, you are definitely in your element. Proud of you.
    Donna Geurin


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