Friday, June 1, 2012

Photographing Jewelry or How to Make a Bust- A Free Tutorial

I had a mannequin once that I used briefly to take pictures with. It never really worked out right. The thing was too big and it was a garish shiny, orangey tan color. The finish was cracked, it was beat up, dinged up and horrible. I tried some anti glare spray on it and some flat black spray on it, but they were not an improvement. I ended up giving it to my daughter who uses it for decoration. (Don't ask. It's still garish.) I have some new and better ideas to improve it, but said daughter won't give it back.

An old picture of my mannequin

Which brings me to the point of this post-- a new free tutorial from Laura aka CookonStrike.

Here's a picture, taken from the tutorial, of the bust. Big difference between mine and hers. Of course, her photography is better, but you get the idea.

I really like the size of Laura's mannequin and the nice white, textured finish. Her lesson is written as if she were standing right there with me. She not only shows how to make the bust, but has lots of pointers for doing it well. But, don't take my word for it, go and check it out for yourself. While you are at it, have a look around her site. (She makes some awesome earrings. I have 2 pair of the beaded style and love them.)

This is a must do project for me. I hope to start it next week and to show y'all the finished results. This is something that I think I can get my grand daughter to help me with, too. What kid doesn't like papier-mâché? And, how can you go wrong with duct tape? :)


  1. Thanks for the spotlight on my clone! :)
    Too bad you cannot take the old plastic zombie back - it could save you the cloning part. I think the same finish can be successfully applied to any body form. On the other hand, you'll get to play (torture someone?) with the duct tape now :)

    1. You make a lovely clone And you MADE a lovely clone :) Great tute! I'm going to do like Renate suggested below and use my old dummy to make a new one. :)

  2. Laura, you did a great job on your Laura-Zombie!

    Tela, you could ask your daughter to model for the body form (playing with your scissors with an evil grin), and when she refuses ask her to lend the mannequin to you temporarily to be used as the model with Laura's method. The mannequin should make it undamaged, and be returned to your daughter with all the garish-ness intact. After all, Laura survived the procedure without scars on herself, even if the bra had only a narrow escape.

    1. Ha!!! LOL!! I like your how your mind works! Great idea! That's just what I am going to do. :D

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