Friday, June 15, 2012

Tool Time: Mannequin, Rolling Mill, Genie Cab Machine

Another long post. I'm pretty excited about these new tools- A new jewelry bust, a rolling mill and a cabbing machine. My cup runneth over. (Or, my shed runneth over.)


I thought I would never find the time to work on her, but Busty is almost finished.

I used an old bust that I used to have and followed Laura's (CookOnStrike) tutorial to clone it. You might remember when I blogged about this. My goal was to make her smaller to fit in my light tent.

Click for a better view-- The years have not been kind to her

I began by wrapping her neck and then added a small tshirt.

I began following the instructions.

But, seeing how I'm not that great at following directions, I veered off and added her chest plate sooner than Laura did.

I used the tape lines as a guide to place the cardboard chest plate.
I had no idea of the outcome, but thought it would work out ok, so I began taping it in.

Those hard edges were worrisome.
All  taped in

After I got the breast plate taped in, I continued taping her up. I used white Duck tape brand duct tape- the good stuff. It comes in all colors now. I was thinking it would be easier to cover the white, but it only made it harder to see what I was doing. I wouldn't use white on white again.

I kept hoping in the back of my mind that the plate would work out in the end. :)

Here she is at the end of phase one taping.
 After the thorough taping, which took about 2 small rolls of tape, I used small pieces of masking tape to cover her (while she was on the form) then I cut her off, covered the holes with cardboard and stuffed her with crumpled paper as per Laura's instructions.

She fits!!!
 I placed her in my light tent and realized that I should have checked sooner but she did fit.

Now, I need papier-mâché and possibly paint. That will have to wait till Monday. This weekend my son and grandson have a birthday and it's father's Day, so the weekend belongs to my boys. :)

This is how I would do a close up of a necklace.

A longer shot
I did run into a few small problems. When I flipped her over onto her ample chest, after she was stuffed, and the tip of her boob was crushed in. I poked a hole in it, stuck a crochet hook in and pulled it out. (Did that make you cringe? LOL!) She should be fine, I stitched her up with some tape. Any other problems will be taken care of with the paper phase.

I see from my photos that I will need to use a handheld light to take that strategic shadow off, but, all in all, I think she'll do nicely. :)

This project was pretty straight forward. I used a dummy instead of a human, which actually made it more difficult, I think. She wanted to slide around and I had no resistance to tape against. She didn't have any give for cutting the clone off, either, I had to use a razor. The chest plate will look fine, by the time I'm done. I'm glad I did it early in the project. The stuffing was somewhat of a pain. Having the plate already in place made it easier to do.

When she is all finished I'll add pictures with a necklace. It should look pretty nice. :)


I have another new tool!!! I don't know that I should say this, but it was a very special gift from a very special lady. I am now the proud owner of a rolling mill!!! My head is swimming with ideas! This tool, like the cabbing machine and tile saw will need it's own table, so I haven't set it up, yet. But, when I do I'll be using this free tutorial by Susan at Wired Lotus. I won't say more about my ideas, but I have plenty. Now, to find the time! Thank You!!!


While the camera was out, I got pictures of the last stone I cut. It's a tiger iron with lots of gold tiger eye flecks. It has a funky shape that maybe a newbie should have left alone. But, practice, practice, practice and learn. (My cabbing machine HAS been ordered!! YAY!!! Go me!!!!!!)

The one side needs to come in, but I was concentrating on that inside cut (pictured below)

This inside curve was supposed to be the hard part, but the outside curve is where I really messed up.


So, tell me- is it better I do several small posts or blog my heart out when I have the time?? I could have broken this into several, but then, I may not have found the time and then not gotten it done. Let me know.


Have a great weekend and remember to hug your Dad's. I'll certainly be thinking of mine. I think I'll have some ice cream in his memory- he loved him some ice cream. LOL!


  1. A cabbing machine!!! Oh, that's exciting. :)

    Honestly, I don't mind long posts -- I say, post in whatever way works best for you. I'll be happy to read.

    1. Thanks, Sarah :) I find that it is easier to find and devote a block of time rather than to squeeze in rush posts.

      I am thrilled to death about my cabbing machine. I already spend far too much time looking at and drooling over slabs to cut :)

  2. Tiger Iron is one of my favourite stones, and this one really looks intriguing, pattern, shape and all! Can't wait to see it wrapped.

    As far as blog post lengths or frequency is concerned, here's my theory: If *you* have fun with it, your readers will have fun with it, because enthusiasm is infectious.
    That said, I like long, multi-themed posts once a week even better than short ones every other day.

    Btw, I'm on Google Alert for "tela formosa", and get the notification of a new blog post faster than by email.

    1. Well, Renate, I have a nice slab of the same material and will be cutting more. :) Keep an eye out.

      I'm glad to hear you don't mind the longer posts. I'm leaning that way, for sure.

      Even I don't have a google alert for Tela Formosa!! Great idea, though. I should do that. I have lots of them, but not one on myself. :)

  3. I can't wait to see the finished mannequin. It looks great already. The combined post is fine by me especially since the second one is short. Your photos are great as always.

    Have fun with your cabbing machine, I want to try that someday. How do you find the time to do these wonderful things?

  4. Hi Zoraida and thanks :) I can't wait to be finished with her, either. :) I'm doing the paper gluing in spurts because I really don't like to do it and get bored really fast with it. I'm almost done, though. Every chance I get to slap on a few pieces, I do it. After a good dry, I'll be painting.

    Time? I don't have enough and run out of it too soon. I'm not good at time management. If I were, I think I could get more done. With the new tools, I'll seriously need to reevaluate priorities and my need to manage time more effectively.

  5. Tela, I envy you having your own rolling mill! I would love to have one of my own. I have access to one but it is not in the best shape (missing bolts) and it not on a good stable platform. It is useable but it takes a two people to use it because someone has to hold the table it is bolted to down. Not a really safe situation to say the least.

    1. The one you have access to sounds like a real pain! I count myself very lucky to have this. It was on my want list, but it would be a while before I got one on my own. I haven't gotten the table yet for it, but I know it will have to be heavy.

  6. Tela, Love reading your posts no matter what their length. When there is a lot to say you need to say it!

    Impressive work with the dress form. Whew! I don't think I would have had the patience to do all the taping then paper maiche. Can't wait to see the finished results.

    A rolling machine too?? You are a blessed lady, my friend.

    The cabs are gorgeous. You have many skills!

    I will be honoring my dad tomorrow and celebrating my husband and son in law.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Hi Christine! I always enjoy hearing from you. :)

      I tell ya- I only BARELY had the patience to finish the bust. The thing is, she took up so much real estate in the kitchen that I was forced to get her done!

      Thanks for your opinion on the blog posts. I've decided to do what I can when I can, whether it be long or not. Sometimes, it is so much easier just to plop down and get it all out at once. :)

  7. Your blogs are always interesting, informative and entertaining. Long or short, I enjoy them!

    I'm really looking forward to the multi-phase pics of your cabbed work, Tela.

    I'm also looking forward to your sharing your rolling mill experiences.

    By the way, Susan's tute is the best thing going! More useable info than anything else I've ever read on rolling mills. And to offer it free(ly) is an amazing act of generosity.


    1. Hi Joyce! So good to hear from you and thank you for your opinion. :)

      You bet I am going to use her tute. I remember reading it and thinking there is no way that I couldn't do set it up right with that tute in hand. She did a fabulous job!

      I'll be working on cabs before I am able to start working on the mill. I'll probably start working on cab preforms tomorrow. Can't wait!


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