Thursday, June 21, 2012

Woven Wire and Weaving Wire

I was already to post about my new rocks and saw, but I'll save that for when I get the polisher. I did get some preform cabs cut to work with when I get it. Instead, I thought I would post some recent pieces.

Here is one that I am desperately tempted to keep! Rare and beautiful Danburite- usually you find it faceted. I was thrilled to find a cab. This is woven throughout and a time consuming endeavor. I've been attracted to weaving lately. I think because it forces me to slow down. These are both sterling silver and argentium.

Here is another rare beauty- an natural orange quartz with a faceted bezel cut. This has a woven bail.

 Even though I have been consumed with my new rock cutting adventure, I never lose my love for wire wrapping! I have to do a piece every so often or go nuts. :)

Next blog, I hope to have the polisher and lots and lots of pictures. There is also something else that I'll tell you about that I haven't even mentioned, yet. It's really groovy!


  1. Oh my goodness, Tela! That Danburite is amazing! So lemon-y. I love the netting you've done along the edges too. (Its on my To Learn list)----Dearrings

  2. Thank you, Dee! The netting isn't too hard, just time consuming- at least it is for me. :) There's a good tute on youtube search for wir dreamcatcher, I think.

  3. Love the lacy bezel!
    The orange pendant is beautiful. Very understated, more minimalism is hardly imaginable.

  4. Thank you, Renate :) I almost missed your comment- bad blogger!- it never emailed me!

    I purposely did that orange as simple as possible. It is so stunning on it's own. I just added some weave at the bail. I love the color- too bad there are so few pretty orange stones.


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