Sunday, July 15, 2012

Russian Cabs at the Gem Show

I went to the big semi annual gemshow today, Sunday, the last day of the show. I went for two things- labradorite (and maybe moonstones) from the Indian vendors and Russian gems from the Russian vendors. Well, either they left for the last day or they weren't there- which is strange- but, the Indian vendors were absent. I did find an American cabber who had a few paltry trays of picked over Indian labs, and I picked up a few at higher than I wanted prices. But, that's not the real story. I found a lone Russian jeweler who did beautiful work and who also sold cabs.

Holey Moley!!!! Will you look at those Russian Pietersite!!?? Mine, all mine! LOL! Of course, they are so much more incredible in person. Let's not talk about the price on the first one, ok? My husband might hear. No, who am I kidding? He bought it for me, because it was too much for me. But, still it was one helluva bargain.

Hand's down the best Eudialyte or eudialite I have ever seen. And, big, too. This is so much more vivid than the picture shows. Eudialyte is also called garnet feldspar, for good reason. It's red like a rhodonite garnet but softer. This is a quite rare stone.

A really cool Simbercite! I've never had one of these before. The camera can't pick up the line of gold pyrite that divides the colors. Super nice! This stone is yet another that comes from the fossil ammonite. The line of pyrite replaced the bone of the ammonite. The yellow is argonite. Complicated stone. It amazes me how things have to be just right over the course of millions of years for something like this to happen.

Ahhh charoite, it's what I went for in the first place. There were lots of doublets and few good quality naturals. These are on the smaller side, but the best two that she had. I saw a few other sellers with a couple, which were much higher priced. You know me and purple..... and these have the added benny of some chatoyancy. Charoite comes from only one place in Russia near the Charo River. It is a relatively new gem, only being brought to the mainstream public in the late 1970's, but it is quickly running out. I've heard it said that the only available stones and rough are what has already been mined and no new material is being found. True or not, I have quite a few that I am holding onto. And, did I mention they are purple?

This one I had to get. It looked so lonely and forlorn and needed someone to love it. Just like all these Russian gems, this stone has a life to it that eludes the camera. This is a Russian aventurine. Yes, aventurine. But, in person it looks like a pale orange/peach with pale pink glitter glued to the surface. Really super cool! The surface is even rough with the "glitter" being on top. It has to have been a vein in the rock that was left exposed in the cab. I have no doubt it is natural or that I will ever see another like it.

Speaking of aventurine- I was talking to some cabbers at the show and one showed me a new aventurine that looks like pale green jade, but it has a cat's eye. I forget where they say it came from, but it is very new, so keep an eye out for it. It's really pretty. (It's not the same as the Russian cat's eye jade, which I have a cab of and which I passed on more of today. Sorry no picture.)

After I haggled and tallied, I saw these kyanite just sitting there. I had to add this one to the lot. It has a great chatoyant "cat's" eye in it.

I saw some Russian fuschite and Russian astrophyllite, too, but passed them up.

Since we're talking about Russian gems, here's one I got the last time I went to the gemshow, which was far too long ago-- cancrinite. I rarely ever see this material anymore.

So, that's it. No beads. I did get a tiny slab of Turritella fossil stone at a giveaway price and a great ocean jasper, too. Mostly, though, I was all about the Russian gems.

After the show, I preformed about fifty cabs with my son. I have some spectacular cabs coming! And, yes, I am still making jewelry. In fact, I have a post planned about a cool traveling wire wrapping thingie I joined.


  1. Why aren't here any comments yet on these beautiful stones? Oh, I know! The beauty made all readers speechless.
    The Pietersites look gorgeous, and I love the Charoite! And I'm always drawn to Kyanite, that icy shade of blue is lovely, and I love the marquise shape in particular.

    1. Hi Renate! :) Yeah, these all literally jumped up at me. Each one is seriously drool worthy. Sometimes, I freeze up at the prospect of wrapping a real treasure. They tend to stay locked away. I need to get over that fear. :)

  2. I am sooooo drooling over these beauties, Tela! I love rocks more every day, if that's even possible. I never had a chance to tell you how happy I am that you got your dream cabbing machine-this proves to me that dreams come true, and maybe someday I'll get a cabbing machine, too, lol!

    1. Hi Arya :) You know, in my heart of hearts, I was really hoping that my experiences and posting about it, would nudge someone who's been on the fence with their dreams. I waited far too long. Do you have a rock and mineral club in your area?? If so, they probably have equipment you can use or you could befriend someone willing to teach you. All the rock people I've dealt with seem to be very nice, down to earth people. I say if this is something you really want to do, then go for it. You won't regret it. :)

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