Monday, August 13, 2012

My Rock Pup Grandson

I have three kids and three grandkids. None have shown much of an interest in my hobby until my youngest grandson started oooo'ing and aweing over my rocks. He's also a dinosaur aficionado and loves everything to do with them. He's at the right age. He just turned 8.

I had some dino bone pieces which I gave my grandson that enthrall him. I also cut a cab of turitella, petrified snail, which I gave his delighted self. I have given him a few pieces of petrified wood and he was impressed with those as well. That was the extent of which I had to give.

I put out a call for donations at the rock forum I go to. I was overwhelmed by the response. My goal was to keep my grandson's interest up. I think it worked.

The following are some pictures I took of him with most of the donations, which include many different kinds of fossils. I also snapped the moment that he saw the most impressive of the generous gifts:  A beautiful and complete fish fossil donated by Tony of Idaho Rock Shop. The donations were made by Don (Jakesrocks), Scott (Shermlock), Diane (Deedolce), Brenda (Albertarockhound), Riverrock, Helen of, Susan (bluesky78987) and  Jo (NatureNut). I hope I didn't leave anyone out!  Thanks to all for making a little boy very happy. :)


  1. Hey Tela, It warms my heart to see your adorable grandson who is so dear to your heart connect with your rock passion!

  2. Awwwwww! I had tears in my eyes, with all those hard rock people being so generous for a little boy. To see how happy he is! (Great capture, btw!) And to know how happy *you* must be, when all this came together so beautifully.

    Rock and stones is such a really GREAT hobby for a child. I'm sure this is a defining time in his life.

    Oh, and that fish really really looks like something VERY special and rare.

  3. I'm always so excited when kids are interested in rocks, and even more excited when adults are awesome enough to encourage the interest! Yay, Tela, and yay, people who sent rocks!

  4. thats fantastic, that he's interested in... whats it called? geology? ;) (he sure is a cutie-pie ^^) i hope this is the beginning of a life long love (and something wonderful to share with grandma)
    and it just goes to show how willing "rock hounds" are to share their passion and foster a budding interest in a child, to help that interest grow.
    yeah, how cool is that? :D


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